Soundgarden – Spoonman

Music video by Soundgarden performing Spoonman. (C) 1994 A&M Records


31 thoughts on “Soundgarden – Spoonman”

  1. This song is about a man who boils some heroin on a spoon and then injects it into his vein. Later (with the effect of the drug) he comes to the conclusion that the spoon is actually God. He says 'Shall we team up?' Hearing no negative answer from the spoon he takes this as a yes. Then comes the little bold guy from the movie The Matrix, and he says 'Actually there is no spoon.' He is a hallucination of course but spoonman gets furious and says 'If there is no spoon explain how I make this fantastic sound you little bold idiot. Explain why I slap my own self then bold guy. Even I cannot explain it myself. Man I'm so high.' That's basically the story. But jokes be aside.. I really miss Chris…Wish you were still here… You will always be in our hearts brother.

  2. Yo this song was in a game back in like 2006 that was about off-roading and dirt bikes and I can’t find the name of the game I want to play it again so can you help

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