Soup leg of cow food in my village | Asia food | soup of cow

This food it is very popular in my village soup of cow. if you love please subscribe to view more:


26 thoughts on “Soup leg of cow food in my village | Asia food | soup of cow”

  1. I can see that there are lots of hindu abusing diz guy….guys, for u it might be God, but for them its a fucking meat. And the entire world eat beef…what the fuck is wrong with u people.

  2. I know the flavors from the cow bone is awsome..I tasted the Cambodian cow soup before my God it's so delicious I licked the bowl clean…here in the western world when they slaughter the cow..,they sale every part nothing goes to waste

  3. hindu donkeys see hear evryhuman they have a rights to eat whatever they want. in south india most of the hindu eating beef even in uk all smelly blacky gujarathi hindu pigs eating chicken pizza.

  4. in America thousands of cow and brahman cow butchered every day your cow MATA, even hindus eat hamburger and cow meat product in india it is fuking mother here it is just animal

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