Southeast Asian Food Is Full Of Flavors

The Southeast Asian food is greatly influenced by the people who live in the region and the culture they follow. The Southeast Asian food is a great fusion of flavors, which are obtained from many different parts of Asia and the world. You will find so many different flavors in the Southeast Asian food that your taste buds will definitely have a great time. There are many different types of cuisines that are prepared in this very region, so it is impossible to mention all of them. Therefore, I have chosen some of the most popular cuisines that I feel, are the most describing. Here they are:

Hainanese Chicken Rice: Well, it is always great to start with a chicken dish and if it is cooked in Singaporean style, then the flavors come out in a great manner. People who make this dish, serve it in the bamboo tray, which is covered with the Basmati Rice and Juicy Chicken. You can add some fine chopped pieces of cucumber to add a little freshness to the dish. The Chicken is dipped in the Soy sauce, which is accompanied by some fried onions, tomato-garlic paste and authentic pandan leaves. The presentation of this dish is quite impressive and it tastes even better than the presentation.

Thai Style Cooked Marinated Flank Steak With Salad: When it comes to salads, there is nothing better than having a Thai style salad, which has a countless number of ingredients added to it. The salad is made by the mixture of vegetables and olive oil. Then, grilled beef marinated in the fish sauce is added along with the sprinklings of garlic to enhance the taste. There are other ingredients as well, like Coriander, mint, Thai chili powder, bean sprouts and Shallots, which make this salad a perfect starter dish.

Banana Coconut Sesame Cake: People living in Southeast Asian countries do not go to far-off places to find ingredients in their food. They make use of the local and easily available ingredients to prepare the food. The Banana coconut sesame cake is a great example of that. This cake signifies the unity in the cultures of Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia. The cake is prepared by cutting small pieces of banana, which is mixed with sweetened coconut milk along with sesame. The cake is cooked in the oven until it becomes spongy and crumbly. People living in Southeast Asia are addicted to Coconut Milk and they use it in most of their desserts.


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