Spa Cuisine: Roasted Rooster with Lemongrass (Gai Ob Ta Kai) by Chiva-Som

Spa cuisine - Roasted Chicken with Lemongrass by Chiva-Som

Nutrients Per Serving

Kilocalories                292.06
Protein                        31.47g
Carbohydrate            31.57g
Body fat, Total                    4911g

Marinade – Ingredients

140ml                         vegetable inventory
100g                           lemongrass, about chopped and crushed
4tbsp                          honey
4tbsp                          miso paste
4tbsp                          soy sauce
1tsp                            floor white pepper


In a saucepan, combine all the ingredients together in excess of a medium warmth. Deliver to the boil and simmer for five minutes, or till reduced by 50 percent. Drain, discard lemongrass and permit sauce to awesome.

Roasted Rooster – Ingredients

150g                          lemongrass, pressed and about chopped
480g                          chicken breast, skin taken out
20g                            roasted sunflower seeds, to garnish
20g                            lemongrass, finely sliced diagonally and baked at a hundred and eighty c for 10 minutes, to garnish


Mix marinade and chopped lemongrass, increase chicken and marinate for 30 minutes. Place chicken in a shallow baking tray and bake in the oven at 180C for 10 minutes. Take out the chicken from the baking tray, slice and put on a plate, pour sauce in excess of, garnish with sunflower seeds and baked shredded lemongrass, and provide.

Note: If the sauce has become as well thick increase a very little vegetable inventory to it in the baking tray and simmer just before serving.

Chiva-Som Spa Cuisine Thought & Philosophy

Chiva-Som has gained many intercontinental awards for superb spa cuisine, notably the Conde Nast Award for best Spa Cuisine and the Spa Asia Crystal Award for Most effective Spa Cuisine Menu. You culinary senses will be addressed when you check into Chiva-Som.

Our idea is to supply wholesome cuisine but with so many flavors you will by no means discover it really is great for you! We will introduce you to the freshest develop delicately mixed with new herbs and spices to make flavors that will scintillate the senses and make delightful dining ordeals. Our perspective of spa cuisine is that the moderation should really be in the ingredients, not the taste.

Chiva-Som cooks make day by day menus to present the widest array of dishes to accommodate a wholesome life style though fulfilling your appetite. We consist of the tenderest steaks, the tastiest lamb, the softest chicken, the most delicate fish and the freshest veggies combined with regional herbs and spices to develop good tasting dishes.

Our philosophy is that our attendees should really get away not just a memory but also an knowledge which is why all of our dishes can be designed at home employing ingredients that can be procured anywhere. We present spa cooking courses and the Chiva-Som cookbook in which the secrets and techniques of a wholesome diet plan can be learned and utilized at home.

For more information please go to Spa cuisine site.

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