Vietnam Street Food!
OldBoy discusses the need for street food even though it’s officially banned in Phu My Hung. Vendors are actually not supposed to be selling, but the ironic thing is that most workers rely on this mom and pop cart style of dining to feed themselves. I wish the area had more street food.

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23 thoughts on “Street Food in the RICH AREA of SAIGON, VIETNAM TODAY.”

  1. I can only imagine how crappy I'd sound trying to speak korean and order food. If the lady understands him that means he's not doing that badly. He almost sounds like he's speaking with a Hue accent.

  2. God bless this woman selling her bun bo hwei! I'll gladly eat her food rather than eating rich people's food for the secret of eating great food is where the locals of that place you're visiting eats and in this instance, this women selling her food! I have eaten foods in very fancy high end restaurants in different places which a single serving is at least $65.00 + not including the wine that you'll need to wash down what you're chewing & swallowing and volume of food is so small that it's intended for cats which is about the size of a cat food can, you can't even be filled and have that sinking feeling that you been had that you paid for the "Experience" instead of the food. >:( So hard lesson learned,from that point on, SCREW THOSE overhyped over rated restaurants and I'll be eating on that street vendor over there on that corner, let me get my portable chair. 🙂

  3. I can't believe how many idiots are commenting this video and called out Kyle as liar and such. At the beginning of this clip the guy filming and introduced himself as Old Boy.

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