Street Food Market in Munich (yummy!!!)

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Street Food Market in Munich:

Tram Cafe (crepes):

Isar Dogs:


Smokin’ Buffalo BBQ:

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33 thoughts on “Street Food Market in Munich (yummy!!!)”

  1. Munich has a LOT to learn about street food. (Source: Me, I live here, and have been in the States and Asia and experienced real street food there) Street food in Munich is non-existent, apart from, as in this video, organised events where you have to pay to be able to buy your (expensive) street food. A joke, right? Like I say, a lot to learn. Good video though!

  2. Do you have currywurst over there? It's an increasing popular streetfood in my area and they try to convince us it's a German invention. There are many streetfoods in my area it's hard to tell if they're actually German or some warped Australian invention… we have kransky, cheesewurst (kransky wrapped in pastry), currywurst (chopped up bockwurst with tomato sauce and curry powder), fritz (cold bockwurst sliced with tomato sauce in bread), ah… I'm sure there's something non-sausage related… brezeln (it's important to note a difference between pretzels [small hard snacks] and brezeln [big and doughy])… and tiddy-oggies, but they're definitely not German.

  3. Somehow you should not stick in Munich all the Time..The north and east is also Intresting….Perhaps you can bring mr german Man to visit Hamburg and Dresden with you ;)..its realy different than Munich ;)…and with a Weekend Ticket for Train it would be not expensive…basicaly 200 Euros would do for cheap Hotel and Traintravel for a Weekend 😉

  4. Looks delicious! I liked the background music too. In California, we would call something like a "Food Truck Festival" or a "Food Truck Fest". 🙂 But the new trend is the gourmet food trucks…the fad is becoming quite Schicki-Micki. 

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