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Nobody appreciates Indonesian food items as effectively as self-proclaimed foodie, Bondan Winarno! Passionate about Indonesian food items and eager to travel to the finishes of the earth to uncover the ideal Rendang or Opor Ayam, abide by Bondan and his daughter, Gwen as they travel significantly and large across Indonesia, in search of the finest delicacies out there! No issue how treacherous the terrain, Bondan and Gwen will get you there and make positive that you are effectively fed!


40 thoughts on “Style of Indonesia – Asian Food stuff Channel”

  1. Reality/Benevolence empowers via Unity/"Sharing" whereas Relativity/Malevolence empowers via Division/"Hierarchy". Do not be seduced by The DNA of The Already-Perfect/Number-Oners/"Nazis" by having the desire to be The Bestest, Mostest, Greatest, etc.

    The duty of Diversity/"Colours" [which is NOT Individualism] is to realise Collectivity/"White" [which is NOT Collectivisation]. As long as there is Greed-Fear, Humanity's Inhumanity will reign – firstly by posturing Hypocrisy followed by Croco-Tears.

    Have confidence in all things "Indonesia" and there won't be Division within Indonesia to enable Divided-Indonesians to spread their Greatest of Indonesia Frivolity & Nonsense.

    Yes, Long Live All Things Indonesia – which happens to be All Things Human. Besides, the food do taste welcoming, which includes "Durian", the so-called Smelly Fruit which Orang Untans love. Thinking humans hate Durian whereas Innocent/non-Thinkers innately love Durian. And "they" have the audacity to Corner The Market on Durians, Lychess, etc via The DNA of The Already-Perfect in "Australia", aka "The-Southern-Cross", running amok in "Thailand". Yes, Count de Money indeed.

  2. indonesia food not from frozen store,….and indicator of restouran good or not , can see,..if many women eat it's mean food very good,..if many man eat ,it's mean food price is cheap ,…

  3. FOOD SAFETY…………………………PLEASE…………………………….SOAL RASA ……………………WAH …………………ADUHAI……………………………………….GOOD LUCK                             FROM BOISE IDAHO USA

  4. I am visiting Indonesia soon and therefore, I am definitely going to taste few of your recommended foods. The food looked so delicious that I was almost drooling. I have made notes of Satay Pandag, Ayam Gulu (Chicken in Bamboo), Rendang and Fried Pigeon.
    Cheers guys and good work 🙂 😉 

  5. I never missed Indonesian coz I live in Indonesia hahaha… Nyway just love satay padang… Also I like satay madura.. Sate tegal.. Satay marongge.. Satay rabit with extra spicey…

  6. Love indonesian food all the spice and flavor. Im filipino and to me indonesian is like filipino food only spicier. Wow. Excellent

  7. I'm from Philippines Pampangga, our languages are very similar with Indonesia, it said that our ancestors were Datus from Jakarta Indonesia!!

  8. Indonesian food offers you the colorful taste and flavorful dishes of Asia. Different cuisines that will surely make you drool just by looking at it.

  9. The foods looks delicious and yummy but I prefer your daughter she is HOT and more YUMMY to EAT! hmmm in between her legs more YUMMY!!!!! 

  10. Excellent show! Food looks yummy and their English is perfect! I don't get why people are bashing their accents. They probably can't speak another language themselves. Ignorant fools

  11. In indoesia we serve food by our self ..only kids /baby would be served by parent or someone older..and another thing is when we serves food to another thats indicated or thingking that person only can eat based on what you serve ,so dont do it .we show respect or caring is by offer you what we have but not serving to you plate .and we will keep asking you to eat or drink until you drink it or eat it .its our respect.and your respect is to eat or drink a little even if its not you taste style.

  12. sederek sedoyo..if u dont had money to bought it.just bring  a bowl of rice and smelled the aroma smoke of satay and simply eat it with the rice.

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