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Tips on exactly how to avoid your infant or kid choking

Toddlers and also youngsters can choke on food at any type of age nonetheless those beneath 5 are a greater opportunity and also specifically youngsters and also young children underneath 3 structures and also forms of some foods imply they’re extra more probable to intent choking which you can make a few of these dishes more secure by utilizing transforming the feeling or getting rid of the elements that can objective choking tri ultimately grating carrot and also apple or which you can prepare them unless they are soft take pips and also rocks out mesh or slice and also include in various other dishes take fibrous little bits out of veggies like silver defeated some foods to avoid an entire nuts and also massive seeds like pumpkin and also sunflower seeds and also snacks

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Companies Worldwide Are Embraceing GFSI Food Safety Certification

Companies Worldwide Are Embraceing GFSI Food Safety Certification

The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) approves various food safety schemes which allow certified food companies to market their products and services anywhere worldwide. GFSI has welcomed order and harmony to food safety standards, reducing duplicate auditing in supply chains and providing worldwide proof of adherence to acceptable standards while leaving flexibility and choice to companies in the food industry.

Some of the major food safety standards that have been successfully benchmarked by GFSI are British Retail Consortium (BRC), Safe Quality Food (SQF), International Food Standard (IFS), FSC 22000, PrimusGFS, GlobalGAP, and CanadaGAP.

Each has its place in the food industry. Some are a better fit for crop farms while others apply to food processors, packers and distributors. This flexibility has accelerated the fast adoption of GFSI-approved standards within food industries.

Thousand of companies in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, and in Asia have received a GFSI-approved certification that is accepted anywhere in the world. These include such recognizable names as:



Shop Rite




Kraft Foods

Trader Joes

ConAgra Foods







PF Chang


Daymon Worldwide


Wegmans Food Markets

Farm Fresh

Sam's Club

Win-Dixie Stores

Giant Food

Schwan Food Company

These companies typically demand that suppliers in their food chain demonstrate an achievement of an acceptable GFSI-approved standard or at least a verified HACCP Plan (which is the basis of most GFSI standards). The giant retailer Wal-Mart, for example, requires their suppliers to achieve a GFSI-approved certification or risk losing their business.

The momentum to gain a GFSI-approved certification has increased with the 2011 passage of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) in the US and similar measures approved worldwide. While the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is slowly implementing FSMA rules for domestic companies, it is cognizant of GFSI-approved schemes and looks to be charting a parallel path, one that will make it easy for those in the food industry to comply with FDA regulations if they already hold a GFSI-approved certification.

Independent consultants are available to assist food growers, manufacturers, processors, packagers, food service operators, distributors, transporters and retailers prepare for certification under a GFSI-approved standard of their choice. Working with a knowledgeable consultant is the quick path to achieving recognized food safety certification, an investment that pays for itself many fold over time.

The hand writing is on the wall. Companies in the food industry today that do not have an acceptable food safety certification are on the road to extinction. World governments are cracking down on outfits that provide tailed goods, misbranded products or can not demonstrate fast, effective recall systems. Ccertification is fast becoming a prerequisite for participation in profitable supply chains and then business survival. The safest and most lucrative route for those in the food industry is to focus on achieving certification under a standard successfully benchmarked by the Global Food Safety Initiative.

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The Importance of Food Safety in Our Lives

The Importance of Food Safety in Our Lives

Safety in general is important for every individual. It is an issue that we take into account in different aspects of our life. For instance to ensure our personal protection, we buy stun guns that we can bring with us anywhere. Moreover, we wear seat belts to keep us safe while we are driving. More importantly, we ensure that the food we eat is safe. How the food is prepared is what we all consider. When we eat in restaurants, when we buy from a store and even when we cook our own food, we make sure that it is clean and safe to take in to replenish the needs of our body.

Food safety has become an issue of special importance for the retail food industry. There are many instances that food contamination can occur between the process of production and consumption. Food can be contaminated at the farm, ranch, and orchard or in the sea. Contamination of food can even occur while it is processed in large manufacturing companies and while it is delivered to different retailers. Finally, food can be contaminated during the last stages of production at retail establishments and by consumers in their homes.

Food safety is especially critical in retail food establishment because this may be the last opportunity to control and eliminate the hazards that might contaminate food and cause food borne illnesses. Even when bought from already inspected and certified sources, ingredients may be contaminated when they arrive at the food establishment. It is important to know how to handle these ingredients safely and how to prepare food in such a manner that reduces the risk of contaminated food being served.

Food borne illness happens and it adversely affects the health of millions of people every year. It is a sickness that some people experience when they eat contaminated food. It impairs performance and causes discomfort and body weakness like your being hit with streetwise stun guns. Food borne illness also has a major economic impact. It costs our society billions of dollars each year. These costs occur in the form of medical expenses, lost work and reduce productivity by victims of the illness, legal fees, punitive damages, increased insurance premiums, lost business and loss of reputation.

You may be asking yourself whether all the knowledge about food safety has something to do with you. The answer is definitely. Customer opinion surveys show that cleanliness and food quality are the top two reasons people use when choosing a place to eat and shop for food. Consumers expect their food to taste good and not make them sick. It is the responsibility of every food establishment owner, manager, and employee to prepare and serve safe and wholesome food and preserve their clients’ confidence.

Food safety is utmost importance. Achieving clean food at your dining table is a joint cooperation starting from those who manufacture the food, delivers it to retailers, sells the food in the market, and lastly to the consumer who purchases the food, cooks and eats it. Through this, all people will be free from any food borne diseases.


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China: Growing rice, raising fish for food items and livelihood protection

China: Growing rice, raising fish for food items and livelihood protection

Discover more about rice-fish generation in China:

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