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Healthy Takeaway Choices | Chinese!

Balanced Takeaway Choices – a sequence that explores distinctive takeaway cuisines and presents healthier choices to sometimes superior-calorie/fat dense foodstuff!

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Issues and Excuses About Losing Weight

Issues and Excuses About Losing Weight

We all want to lose weight, some even make a very concerted effort to do so. However, it seems impossible because there are obstacles in our way.

This is true for any major life change or effort. Losing weight though, seems harder than most big changes to deal with.

Why is this? Well, there are some major issues with weight loss that make it harder to do than most things and because of those issues we seem to always be able to form some kind of excuse for why it can’t seem to be done.

I will do my best to tackle some of these issues and excuses in this article and hopefully build a platform for consideration when you come upon these issues and to help try and battle your excuses in your own journey to health.

First, let’s explore some of the main issues and excuses with losing weight.

1. We have to eat to sustain ourselves.

This is both an issue and a major excuse for why a lot of people have trouble losing weight. It seems that since we have to eat to stay alive, and we can’t just quit eating cold turkey, (like any other serious addiction) it takes a considerable amount of effort to accomplish. The key here is control. You can control what you eat and if you maintain control over your diet, you will lose weight. Control is a very real issue for many people and it can be incredibly hard to gain a level of control over some things that you do and in those cases, you have to make gaining control as easy as possible so it can be maintained. I’ve written droves about making control and weight loss as easy as possible and you can find a lot more information on the topic in some of my other articles, but for now just absorb the fact that in order to do something good for yourself you have to make it easy.

2. Eating good food makes us feel good and tastes good.

Another major issue for people that leads to excuses is the fact that good food tastes good and makes us feel good. This is a problem for many people because they rely on those good feelings to feel better about things. Everyone has issues that they’re dealing with in their lives, and I would even venture to say that everyone has some vice in their lives which serves to deliver those all important brain chemicals, dopamine and seratonin. Those chemicals make people feel better about things. Many people rely on food to deliver those feel good brain chemicals, just like many people rely on cigarettes or alcohol or marijuana. For those who rely on food to feel better the very concept of not having those feel good chemicals can be too much to deal with. In those cases, it’s best to try to switch your feel good reliances to something else. Exercise is good because it’s healthy, coffee is good, relaxing is good, hanging out with friends is good, really anything that makes you feel good about yourself can become a healthy replacement for unhealthy foods. It takes serious work to switch reliances though, and it’s easy to see why people make excuses for eating unhealthy foods. In essence they don’t want to lose their feel good chemicals.

3. A significant lifestyle change is incredibly hard to accomplish.

This is the big excuse and the culmination of some of the main reasons people have trouble losing weight. They know it’s hard but they don’t know why it’s so hard. Well, as I said above the feel good brain chemicals play a major part, the fact that we have to eat food to sustain ourselves also plays a major part because if we have to do something it should be as good as possible. One thing to try, perhaps, is to separate the mechanical process of eating to sustain ourselves from the feel good process that eating usually provides, and as I said in the above paragraph, it helps to find something else to rely on for those feel good chemicals. Once we treat eating as a purely mechanical process it’s easy to gain a semblance of control over what we put in our mouths. I’ve seen threads on the internet about a purely nutritional “dog food” for humans. While that would be good, we need variety to sustain a lifestyle change. (This may be another reason why it’s so hard)

All that said and done, the fact remains we need to make it easy for ourselves to change and if we rely on the feel good chemicals that come with good food, we need to place those reliances on other things.

All this may be overwhelming and it’s easy to see why losing weight is so incredibly hard for some people. I don’t blame you, but hopefully I’ve provided a different viewpoint on some of these issues. That may make them easier to deal with.


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The Weight Loss Checklist

The Weight Loss Checklist

Staying slim and fit is the need of the hour. No matter how much you deny it but somewhere down your mind you want to shed some kilos and be more likeable. Though the idea behind your efforts should be more health related but getting rid of some pounds never hurt anyone, right? So before you realize you are already checking out the internet and following a crash diet that worked for someone 2000 miles away from you with a different lifestyle than yours! But losing weight and sticking to your new weight cannot be ruled by a fad diet. What you need is a plan that keeps you on track even after you have lost the excess fat bags from your belly. We have got some tips for you that can seriously act as your check list of ‘how to lose weight fast’! Read on to know more and take a step towards a better and thinner you!

Calories matter: You just can’t deny the fact that to lose weight you ultimately have to manage the calories that walk in and out of your body. Shedding kilos would begin by losing more calories than you are taking in. So get down to a journal writing now and keep a tab on the number of calories you are ingesting per day and the calories you are burning with your sweat sessions!

Smaller goals

The biggest problem most of us face while on our diet is that we set unrealistic goals and when they are not realized we leave then half way. So before you begin your routine of weight loss learn to set small goals that are attainable. This way you will have motivation for carrying out your efforts in future because you can validate the result through attaining the small goals!

More water intake: A great way to keep your weight in check is by knowing when you are really hungry and when not. Do you know that thirst is great at confusing you and can often seem like hunger? So before you reach for that bag of chips to calm your growling stomach in mid morning, consider having a drink of water. Chances are that by the time you have finished the glass, you are not feeling hungry anymore. Another reason to drink water is that it will boost your metabolism and you will ultimately be less bloated and sleeker!

Check for added sugar: Do you have an answer for your fat that does not budge even when you have been strict with diet food and all? Though you have been eating only ‘healthy’ packed foods, you have been adding piles of sugar to your body that is ultimately showing through the muffin top! The next time you find yourself in a supermarket for some grocery shopping, check the labels of packed foods (you have no idea how much sugar they contain to make boring things tasty!).

Your agenda of Weight Loss in 3 Weeks can be met with these steps despite keeping fad diets at a safe distance. Making healthy choices throughout the day will surely show its benefits and is definitely safer than anyone of those advertisements of losing weight magically with a diet without shedding a drop of sweat!


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