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With thick rib-chops coated in a shatteringly crisp layer of panko breadcrumbs, and served with a spiced fruit sauce, Tonkatsu is Japanese home cooking at it's best.

What is Tonkatsu

Phone me a geek, but I’m a bit obsessed with the history of meals. Opposite to common belief, even the most “authentic” dishes are frequently motivated by elements or techniques from other elements of the world. That’s since the journey of meals parallels the journey of humankind, taking surprising twists and turns, which provide ingredients and tactics continents absent from where they originated.

For Tonkatsu (豚カツ), it is not completely obvious the place the journey started, but deep-frying is not a native technique of planning meals in Japan. The first written account of the dish is in a cookbook released in 1872 known asSeiyou Ryouritsu(practically “The Western Globe Cookbook), which describes a breaded and fried dish named Complete Cutlet (フォールカツレツ – Fohru Katsuretsu). The very first recorded physical appearance on a cafe menu was at Rengatei in Ginza about 1899 going by the identify of Pork Cutlet (ポークカツレツ Pohku Katsuretsu).

The timing coincides with the Meiji Restoration which brought with it the opening of trade with the West alongside with a structure that was modelled right after the lawful structures of the German Empire. The English identify implies the British or the People in america launched it, but the correct origin of the dish is most likely the AustrianWiener Schnitzel, or the Italian Cotoletta alla Milanese.

The identify Tonkatsu didn’t seem until afterwards and is a portmanteau ofton, which indicates “pork” in Japanese andkatsu, which is an abbreviation ofkatsuretsu, the Japanese transcription of “cutlet”. What ever its origins, Tonkatsu’s acceptance has spread all more than Asia with regional variations, such as in Korea, exactly where it is recognized asdonkkaseu(돈까스).

Substances for Tonkatsu

Given that this is a straightforward dish that only has a few components, the good quality of every component issues.

Pork Cutlet

The most critical element is the pork, and you will want to splurge listed here on a tender reduce with good marbling, that hasn’t been frozen.

I like making use of possibly a loin chop(leaner) or rib chop(richer), but be certain to seem for one with even marbling and without a lot connective tissue like gristle. I also choose my cutlets to be thick, as this helps to keep the meat from drying out as you fry it.

If you can afford it, I hugely suggest making use of a heritage breed of pork such as Kurobuta, Berkshire or Iberico as these all have wonderful texture and taste with a respectable amount of body fat marbled into the meat.

Tonkatsu is a breaded and fried Japanese pork cutlet that's crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside.


One of the issues that set Tonkatsu apart from other cutlet dishes about the world is the use of Panko. Panko is a Japanese-fashion breadcrumb manufactured from the white component of sandwich bread, and it was initially produced by shredding clean bread, instead than pulverizing stale bread, which is why the crumbs are significantly greater than western breadcrumbs. For my Tonkatsu I utilized new panko (生パン粉 – Nama Panko), which is fundamentally shredded bread.

If you can’t discover it, you can make your possess by getting rid of the crusts from sandwich bread and shredding it by hand. The crusts need to be removed simply because they’ve already browned in the oven. If you make panko from a total piece of bread, the crust elements will finish up a lot darker than the white components.


Japanese enjoy their cabbage, and a plate of Tonkatsu is not complete with no a massive pile of shredded cabbage. You want to use the tender inner leaves of a head, removing the difficult stems before you shred it. I also like to soak the cabbage in drinking water, which not only crisps it up, it tames the funky cabbage odor to an extent.

To season the cabbage, I typically just pour some further tonkatsu sauce on it, but it’s also delightful with some ponzu, or a light vinaigrette.

Tonkatsu Sauce

Tonkatsu sauce can be purchased from most Asian supermarkets, and I have even observed it in typical supermarkets in places with an Asian populace. If you cannot find it close to you, consider looking for it on Amazon.

If you even now simply cannot get it, you can make a realistic facsimile of Tonkatsu sauce by whisking with each other two parts Worcestershire sauce, one particular element ketchup, and 1 element honey.

Tonkatsu is a juicy pork cutlet that's covered in an ultra-crisp crust of panko breadcrumbs.

How to Make Tonkatsu

Due to the fact this dish is so simple, there’s not a lot to it, but there are a couple of key points to don’t forget.

Very first I like to period the cutlet with some salt and pepper simply because the sauce only seasons the breading. Following, a skinny dusting of flour goes on to the surface of the pork, which jointly with the egg it will get dipped in, creates a glue that assists the panko adhere to the meat.

Once it’s breaded, all that’s left to do is to fry it, but there are a number of items to hold in head. The pork cutlets are quite thick, so if you fry it at a higher temperature, the panko will burn prior to the meat is cooked via. That is why I fry it at a comparatively low 320 degrees F for a lengthier time. I have also found that the reduced temperature retains the meat juicier.

Last but not least, if you did not get the memo, the Food and drug administration revised the secure temperature of pork down to a hundred forty five degrees F a quantity of a long time back, so you can end ruining it by cooking it to a hundred and sixty. I like to fry my Tonkatsu right up until it reaches an inside temperature of a hundred and forty levels F, and then let it rest for about five minutes. The carry-more than cooking will prepare dinner the meat by means of, and the time will give a likelihood for the proteins to relax and the juices to redistribute, so don’t stop up with a puddle of pork juice generating your cutlet soggy when you slice it.

Crisp, juicy Tonkatsu (Japanese pork cutlet) drizzled in a sweet and savory spiced fruit sauce.

Serving Ideas

Traditionally Tonkatsu is served with a nest of shredded uncooked cabbage, scorching Japanese mustard and a sweet and savory spiced fruit sauce called Tonkatsu sauce (トンカツソース). The cabbage supplies a refreshing balancing respite from the wealthy pork, even though the sauce not only seasons the pork, it supplies a pleasant contrast in the same way that barbecue sauce will take ribs to the up coming stage.

Yet another common way to provide it is with a generous blanket of Japanese curry on prime. There is some thing divinely satisfying about biting via the crisp golden panko into the tender, juicy pork even though the sweet, spicy curry swirls around in your mouth. This combo is also one of the most nicely-beloved comfort foodstuff in Japan.

There are also regional and seasonal ways to eat Tonkatsu. For instance, in the Nagoya area of Japan, they take in Tonkatsu with a sweet miso sauce, and in summer season Tonkatsu is typically eaten with the refreshing mix of grated daikon radish and ponzu.

What to do with leftover Tonkatsu

Really do not be shy about frying up added Tonkatsu since there are a ton of techniques leftovers can be upcycled into other dishes. A single of my favorites is Katsudon, which is a rice bowl topped with Tonkatsu which is been simmered in dashi, soy sauce, sake, and onions, and completed with some overwhelmed eggs it helps make this divine omelet that’s saucy enough to season the rice underneath.

An additional wonderful way to use leftover cutlets is to change it into a sandwich. You’ve most likely listened to of those ridiculously high-priced Katsu Sandwiches sweeping the nation, and although a lot of of these are created with beef katsu, the unique Katsusando is manufactured with Tonkatsu.



Produce: 4 servings

Prep Time: five minutes

Cook dinner Time: 15 minutes

Resting Time: 5 minutes

Complete Time: twenty minutes


For serving

  • 400

    (about eight leaves)

  • Tonkatsu sauce

  • Japanese very hot mustard


  1. To get ready the cabbage salad, individual the leaves from the head, and trim off the challenging stems.

    Removing the tough stem from cabbage for Tonkatsu
  2. Roll a couple of leaves with each other and use a sharp knife to slice the cabbage into skinny threads. Soak the cabbage in cold water whilst you get ready the rest of the substances.

    Shredding cabbage for Tonkatsu side salad
  3. Get ready two trays, a single with a well-beaten egg and the other with the panko. Put together a wire rack to drain the Tonkatsu Include 1 one/2-inches of oil to a weighty bottomed pot and warmth the oil to 320 degrees F (one hundred sixty C).

  4. Salt and pepper each facet of the pork cutlets.

    Sprinkling pork cutlets with salt and pepper.
  5. Dust the pork with an even coating of flour.

    Dusting pork rib-chops with flour
  6. Dip the cutlets in the egg and coat evenly.

    Coating Tonkatsu with egg.
  7. Transfer the pork to the panko and mound the breadcrumbs all around the meat, urgent down carefully on the cutlet to make sure you get a great coating of breadcrumbs on all sides.

    Dredging Tonkatsu cutlet in panko breadcrumbs
  8. Fry the Tonkatsu right up until golden brown, flipping every number of minutes to make sure even browning. Use a skimmer to eliminate any foam that accumulates on the floor of the oil. Depending on how thick your chops are they will consider everywhere from 10-15 minutes to cook dinner by means of.

    Frying Tonkatsu or Japanese Pork Cutlet
  9. You can test to see if they’re accomplished by getting rid of one particular from the oil and inserting an quick-study thermometer into the center. It should sign up one hundred forty levels F (63 C).

    Testing the internal temperature of Tonkatsu.
  10. When the Tonkatsu is accomplished, drain it on a wire rack and allow it relaxation for a five minutes just before you cut into it.

    Tonkatsu resting on wire rack.
  11. Even though the pork rests, drain the cabbage and use a salad spinner to get rid of any extra moisture. Area big mounds of cabbage on each and every plate.

  12. Slice the cutlets and plate with the cabbage. Provide with Tonkatsu sauce and Japanese mustard.

    Slicing Crispy Tonkatsu.

Nutrition Information


Quantity For every Serving

Calories from Excess fat 171

% Everyday Worth*

Total Body fat19g

Saturated Body fat 6g


twenty five%


Whole Carbohydrates23g

Dietary Fiber 3g

Sugars 4g


Vitamin A

Vitamin C




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