Taking in At The Worst Reviewed Chinese Cafe In My Town (Los Angeles)

Currently Jake and I made the decision to head to China City and go to the WORST reviewed 1 star rated Chinese Restaurant in my city….. find out what happened.
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Hello I am Brennen. I have been having food for 23 decades. I am mainly a experienced. In this article is my Food stuff Review:

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44 thoughts on “Taking in At The Worst Reviewed Chinese Cafe In My Town (Los Angeles)”

  1. did you throw a piece of food on the floor when you were eating the soup? i get the food may be bad but you literally had a plate right next to you that you could have put it on

  2. I bet all this shit was frozen and shipped in from CHINA. CHINA. That's why it's so cheap. $6.50. That Lemon Chicken is processed and filled with God knows what….cardboard? sawdust?

  3. Wait I thought you left reviews after you’ve been to the places? Either way I love your one star review videos! I unsubscribed a while back because I got bored (sorry☹️) but I’m subscribing again because I love this new series!

  4. I 100 percent think Brennen and Jake were being completely honest about this. None of that food looked appealing at all, plus omg, did you see that bathroom!? I actually put my hands over my eyes like I was a child watching a scary movie…

  5. From some of the reviews you can see, lots of the people have went to that place previous years. And when they went presently, it didn’t taste or look the same. What I can assume is maybe the restaurant went under new management or employees where the the quality went down. It could even come down to where they order their food(especially chicken, because we see the most review of it).

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