TASTING Bizarre ASIAN Treats

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26 thoughts on “TASTING Bizarre ASIAN Treats”

  1. Don't eat that sushi, you have the money now Shane, you like in California (right?) GO TO A GOOD SUSHI RESTAURANT AND HEAVEN WILL GREET YOUR MOUTH

  2. when i was in Bali we had shrimp chips with lunch and dinner everyday theyre SO fucking good they don't even taste like shrimp

  3. (This is just a joke, don't take any offence to this.)

    Google search: Bad picture of Shane

    A file of every picture of Shane ever taken shows up.

  4. I might get a lot of hate for this but I have been binge watching you and I swear onion boy tries so hard to be like you except he tries too hard and looks ah fool. You have a new fan sweetheart

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