The Best Food in the World, Vietnam

Ho Chi Mihn City vlog! Thanks for watching.
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Special thanks to this amazing company for giving me a food tour! Check them out if you ever go to Ho Chi Mihn!

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29 thoughts on “The Best Food in the World, Vietnam”

  1. I used to hate the chaotic traffic of my Vietnam, but after traveling abroad for years, I realize that it's such a unique experience that foreigners cannot get anywhere else. Where else on earth can you see so many motorbikes at once? Where else on earth you can only cross the street by walking right into the tsunami of motorbike like a badass? Nowhere.

  2. Thank you for enjoying my country's food . Next time try " bun bo " ( boiled noodles with beef , crushed peanuts and minced herbs ) . Bubble tea as dessert is not bad .

  3. Next time if u go back, I'd recommend Nha Trang (nice beaches and islands), Da Nang (cleanest and prettiest city I have ever seen in Vietnam with beautiful beaches too), Hoi An (ancient town with lots of lanterns and tailor shops) and Ha Noi (for me it's just Ha Long Bay, but you can experience different atmosphere compared to Saigon.)

  4. As a vietnamese, i don't blindly walk into traffic. I actually look into the bike riders' eyes or drivers' eyes and communicate with them. That's what all vietnamese do. We wait for the driver's reaction, if they slow down a bit, they're letting you know that you can proceed in front of their vehicle. If their eyes focus straight ahead then they're communicating with you that you should walk slowly and wait for them to pass. I don't just walk in front of traffic blindly.

  5. Sick vid, definitely gonna put this destination on my bucket list. Been to Korea, tawain, Philippines, all good but so far japan is for sure hands down my favourite place to visit just came back from Tokyo last week a second time, going back again on sept can never get enough from there always a new adventure yolo!

  6. That food looks incredible! What a great experience. Vietnam looks beautiful and unique. I never really considered it much, but from what you've been saying about it and this video it's definitely moving up my list of places to check out. Awesome video!

  7. My dad was in Vietnam from 1969 to 1971 during the war, and he doesn't talk about it very much, but he always said one of his favorite things about being there was the incredible food. Really enjoy your videos!

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