The Best Little Ramen In Texas: Ramen Tatsu-Ya (Chef's Night Out)

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Who would’ve thought one of the best ramen shops in the country would be in the hot climate of Austin, Texas? We didn’t either, but after we arrived at Ramen Tatsu-Ya, our minds were blown. These guys aren’t fucking around, dishing out steaming bowls of incredible tonkotsu-style ramen—over 600 a day—to a line of hungry Texans that goes out the door and down the street. We figured that after such a busy day, everyone be utterly wiped and just want to go home—but not Shion Aikawa and his crew. They took us out for a revelrous night  that included pork liver pate at Contigo, a 12-course tasting menu at Barley Swine, “Bernet” shots (half Fernet, half bourbon) at Shangri-La, and brisket ramen with dipping pizza—you read that last bit correctly—and some soft-shell crab sliders back at their shop.  Enjoy!

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