The Best Thing About Thailand and South East Asia (My Traveling Experience)

More extreme traveling on this Indochina SouthEast Asia tour as we depart Siem Reap, Cambodia and travel to Bangkok, Thailand. After 5 flights in 5 days, i decide to take it easy and explore the food options around. Known for having spicy and delicious food, i spend the day eating at different Thai restaurants indulging on pad thai, mango salads, and exotic fruits. Filled with backpackers and tourists, Bangkok is definitely a must go to destination. Vlog #235

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25 thoughts on “The Best Thing About Thailand and South East Asia (My Traveling Experience)”

  1. Okay, but I'm going to be in SE Asia for 2 weeks going through Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. Any options if I don't want to burn my mouth off every day? Like I would like to enjoy the food while I'm there, not make myself sick trying to handle the spice.

  2. I just found your vlog, i love it so much you just explaned a lot of thing on your video which is the most part i like about. please come to Indonesia, Jakarta or Bali and tray of our local cuisine.

  3. Regarding "Alma Morenos", you might be pertaining to the term "almoranas" which peetains to hemorrhoids. Everyrime we eat spicy food, it exacerbates hemoerhoids.

  4. watched this just after watching his announcement concerning his cancer… kita mo talaga kung gaano kalalim magisip ang taong ito… truly consistent…. full of enthusiasm… awesome guy!

  5. Love your vlogs! Whats the point of eating spicy food if you're gonna struggle through it. It hurts me just watching lmao I really dislike spicy food, cant wait to go to thailand though loool

  6. Hahaha so cute. It's almoranas, wil. Its like when you eat so much spicy foods, there would be an internal/external bleeding in your rectum. Some other reason might be your lacking fiber in your diet. 🙂

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