The Hidden Carbs In Dining Establishment Foods That Will QUIT Ketosis Cold!

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Dr. Berg speaks about the covert foods in dining establishment foods might be obstructing your ketosis (weight loss).
1. Refined cheese.
2. BARBEQUE sauce.
3. Dressings.
4. MSG.
5. Breading on meats.
6. Salsa.
7. Dextrose in meats or sea foods (delicatessens meats).
8. Maltitol.
9. Chili.
10 Healthy protein bars.
11 Agava syrup.
12 Healthy protein powder.
13 Crab meat.
14 Coleslaw.
15 Pickels.
16 Sauces.
17 Soy oil or corn oil.
18 Meatloaf as well as meatballs.
19 Soups generally feature thickeners which are corn starch as well as various other items that are high glycemic.

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Dr. Berg, 52 years old is a chiropractic practitioner that concentrates on weight reduction via dietary as well as all-natural techniques. His exclusive technique lies in Alexandria, Virginia. His customers consist of elderly authorities in the UNITED STATE federal government as well as the Justice Division, ambassadors, clinical physicians, top-level execs of popular companies, researchers, designers, teachers, as well as various other customers from all profession. He is the writer of The New Physique Guides, released by KB Posting in January2017 Dr. Berg trains chiropractic practitioners, doctors as well as allied medical care specialists in his techniques, as well as to day he has actually educated over 2,500 medical care experts. He has actually been a previous participant of the Endocrinology Culture, as well as has actually shown trainees as a complement teacher at Howard College.


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30 thoughts on “The Hidden Carbs In Dining Establishment Foods That Will QUIT Ketosis Cold!”

  1. You shocked me again and I learned something new every time I watched your video and I am finding I am cravings salmon and eggs, chicken and cheese and thank you so much for putting your video up because I have learned a lot since watching your channel and please keep your video content coming

  2. I had cold brew at 7 eleven and suddenly felt more energy than I had in over a year. I suspect they put sugar in their cold brew but I couldn't find any info about it on line. I know their ice coffee has sugar because their website talks about it but they dont say what's in their cold brew. Does anyone know for sure? I dont understand why company's put sugar in things that dont need to be sweeter. , or other ingredients. I was shopping for avacado mayo but they all had soy too. Are these people just stupid? Why would anyone pay more for a higher fat mayo that has soy and sugar in it?

  3. I used to have tahini dip with my meals at restaurants until I found out they make it thicker by adding flour to it .. same thing with mushroom soup . NEVER AGAIN!!!

  4. I plateaued because I didn't know that balsamic vinegar sometimes has sugar in it, and I was using it regularly on my salads. I don't know if I'd trust a restaurants vinegar without asking if it has sugar first.

  5. Keto tip for eating out…If you know what you’re going to order before you sit down at a restaurant your chances of making a healthy choice will go up tenfold. Once you sit down at a restaurant and have a few sips of your martini you will pretty much order anything on the menu regardless of your keto diet, particularly if you’re hungry.

    I recommend trying this the next time you plan on going out to eat. Go online and look up the menu and decide exactly what you’re going to eat and drink before you get there. Not only will you make a much healthier keto choice. You will enjoy your time at the restaurant more. You will have plenty of time to socialize without the pressure of not knowing what to order.

    Give it a try….It works.

  6. Thank you Dr Berg.. Could you please talk about spiking insulin say at 6 p.m. and say do not eat for 30 minutes and you eat again is that a second insulin spike?? No one speaks about insulin spike and times between them.

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