The Historical past of the Ficus Tree

The genus of the Ficus accommodates 800 species and 2000 styles of timber, shrubs and vines. These crops are grown in many alternative climates together with the tropical forest, the Center East, Africa and the USA. With the big range of ficus timber accessible, you may really discover them nearly anywhere on the planet.

The Widespread Fig tree is a ficus selection and could be traced again to Adam and Eve within the Backyard of Eden, talked about in Genesis. There are fig timber discovered and excavated outdoors of Jericho which can be 11,400 years previous! This discover is the oldest cultivated crop of fig timber discovered up to now. The ficus genus has existed for 60-80 million years! The Banyan species of ficus appears to replant itself because it grows, dips itself down into the earth, and shoots off new development.

The fig and ficus timber have been produced for meals, non secular and sensible makes use of. The fig fruit was a part of the meals discovered within the Promised Land – it was known as “honey”. Butterflies feed on figs, as do a number of different species. The delicate wooden of the ficus was utilized in Historic Egypt to supply the caskets that mummies have been later present in. Uganda used the bark of the ficus to make paper just like the Egyptian papyrus. The fig/ficus is held sacred by Buddha; and in Islam and East Asia. The World Tree within the Hindu faith is of the Ashvastha species. As you may see – the ficus is kind of widespread all through historical past and that is simply the highest of the iceberg! Is it any marvel that the ficus, subsequently, is taken into account a keystone species; that means that most of the residing depend on it for his or her existence?

The fig varieties are available in two types: the edible and inedible. The Widespread Fig is inedible, because the fruit is of the female and male selection. Solely the feminine fruit is edible. The fig is fashioned as compressed, minute female and male flowers grown contained in the “pod” and is taken into account an inside-out flower. Just one species of wasp per species of ficus can pollinate. For that purpose, some ficus varieties by no means bloom as a result of the tree outnumbers the wasp.

The ficus is usually a bit onerous to develop. The genus requires temperatures of 60-72º; solely moist, not moist soil, and shiny or filtered gentle. They are often an insidious plant, with excessive leaf-litter in season. With these varieties being this choosy and onerous to maintenance, they’re nonetheless indoor plant.

The ficus works properly indoors potted and with southern publicity. When you use a dwell one, leaves will nonetheless fall. Lifelike synthetic Banyan, Rubber and Fig timber can be found for buy.

The unreal ficus varietals could be produced with pure wooden trunks and polyester or silk leaves. The foliage can appear actual sufficient that you could be discover somebody watering your (faux) workplace plant! There’s a variety of sizes accessible to your synthetic ficus. These will dwell perpetually in your workplace nook and match properly inside cubicles. There isn’t any mess and no fuss.

Alive or synthetic, the ficus is usually a good addition to your private home or work place.

Source by Jason M West

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