The Metamorphosis Audiobook by Franz Kafka

Typical Literature VideoBook with synchronized text, interactive transcript, and shut captions in a number of languages. Audio courtesy of Librivox. Examine by David Barnes.

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35 thoughts on “The Metamorphosis Audiobook by Franz Kafka”

  1. Though your voice is not changing at all. I've got to say thanks for uploading this. The Metamorphosis has always intrigued me. Did Kafka want to show his childhood? Did he know he had TB even before being diagnosed and wrote down his thoughts? Did he invent this story completely by scratch? DID Gregor really (SPOILER) die at the end or did he metamorphosed once again? Even with all those questions, this book always gives me a melancholic mood.

  2. Are you the only one with a synchronized text??it's brilliant..oh can I request a book?? you are a blessing!

  3. I can't stand the narration. I have to read this for my Senior reading, for High School. IT SUCKS!!! And I'm just about to go to sleep….

  4. So, gregor was too concerned with making sense of life, consequently failing to enjoy living it, and elizabeth was the result of me erasing a gambling debt? Makes sense…

  5. Am I seriously the only one who hated the narrator's slow, boring voice? I watched up until 30 minutes when I realized I could read the text 10 times faster than Barnes could narrate it…what a terrible way to be introduced to this interesting book. Thank goodness there are faster readings of this book on youtube. Screw this video.

  6. This book expects you to accept a whole lot with its very first sentence, doesn't it? Dude is a bug now. Deal with it! …It's worth it though!

  7. Sweet, you have the story in just 2 hours! Even though I'm sure it is a great book, I did not like how Gregor's family became so cold towards him. Their selfishness and arrogance deprived them of any care towards Gregor. At the end, his sister has become a woman, yes, hope for everyone, but to achieve that at the dispense of losing love and acceptance for a close one is not right. These people did not achieve their 'metamorphosis' with proper morality.

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