The Net of Items by James Whittaker of Microsoft

Alter is coming. The world wide web is becoming consumed by apps. Look for is turning into a victim of its personal accomplishment. The Net of matters is upon us and in the distance quantum computing is clouding the horizon. These adjustments will mean a change of wealth. New winners, new losers. New monetization methods. New employs of details and equipment intelligence. Wherever will it take us? Wherever will this all finish? Sign up for Microsoft Distinguished Engineer James Whittaker for a presentation that begins 20 years in the previous and ends 20 years in the future with perception into how modern society will function, if devices will take above and what is still left for humanity if they do.


21 thoughts on “The Net of Items by James Whittaker of Microsoft”

  1. I'm the one in the blue collar shirt here. All I got was a bunch of door prizes, and a chance to meet people, most of whom don't even like me, anyway, and that's fine by me. Not my worry. Especially not now. K? K

  2. Don't hack my accounts, "Harvard," and I'll be happy to stay as far away as possible. You know who wants that money back more than i.

  3. it was an awesome video and I loved the way u delivered everything – it was way too interesting – kept me asking for more 😀

  4. God created us and provided us with all what we need to live and prosper and to enjoy life. He provided us with intelligence and the ability to create things that can help us. Yet some decide to ignore all the signs of God which we can see and feel, and attempt to put doubts about the Creator. I was hoping some of the students would object and raise a flag against the final lecture comments.

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