The Only Natural Way to Stay Erect Longer

The only natural way to stay erect longer might shock some men. It is not going to be the answer you might have expected, especially since it doesn’t require a doctor’s prescription nor does it require purchasing a pump or cream. It is not a snake oil type bargain basement item either, there is only one natural way to fend off all sexual dysfunction and it can be found easily if you know where to look and what to do. Understanding the human body is the first thing that will help you along the way, and eliminating the root causes of erectile dysfunction will be the key to longevity in terms of sexual prowess.

Most men of a certain age start to struggle with sexual stamina and have a hard time dealing with the notion that they aren’t as powerful as they once were. Many choose temporary fixes, but find out that those options only mask the problem and are coupled with terrible side effects that can leave crippling results badly. Others suffer in silence as their years waste away. It’s vastly important to note that there is a natural hope and solution that is not painful, doesn’t require surgery, nor is invasive in any way. In fact, you can start seeing results within a few days or weeks, and when utilized correctly you can reverse the signs of aging and be a dynamic lover in bed.

The first thing that you need to realize is that there are several root causes that plague all men. Three major problems that can easily be worked on, are the roots of sexual performance, or lack there of. Consider the three root causes, and deliver the only way to calm them, and you’ll see lasting results soon.

The root causes start with masturbation. Masturbation can be seen as normal, and while it is fine every once and a while, too much of it, for too many years can actually reverse the body’s climax system and will only prove to make you a sexual dud. This might be difficult to stop at first, but if you can overcome this simple root cause, you’ve won 33% of the battle. The second root cause is sensitivity. Sensitivity issues abound and when the penis is erect and ready for action, it climaxes within minutes, and that’s no good. Reducing sensitivity is going to be the next point of interest. The third root cause is a mental block. Most men that are trying to last longer assume that thinking about the situation at hand is OK, but it’s not. The mind is powerful and if you’re pre-occupied with trying to last longer, you’ll have the opposite effect and finish too fast.

Now that you have three root causes, you’re ready to understand the only natural way to stay erect longer. To combat the three root causes you need your hands. That’s right, your hands are key here, and a plan of penile exercises. You can utilize the hands to stretch and exercise the tissue around and in the penis. The penis is made up of chambers that fill up with blood to produce an erection. By exercise the areas you can promote a regenerative quality that is naturally in the penis to allow blood to flow easily. When done regularly in the long term, you will see a larger, fuller erection and reduce sensitivity. After you have knocked out two root causes, you’ll naturally feel more confident and you won’t be preoccupied with climaxing or lasting longer, knocking down root cause three and becoming a sexual superman forever.


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