The Secret Story of Cancer Cured!

The Vitamin B 17/Laetrile Vitamin to Defeat Cancer

“Cancer is not going to cause just one premature death. It’s going to account for one out of every four of us” (25% of 300 Million U.S. citizens = 75 million, will die from Cancer)

How to Prevent Cancer

Our research results prove the fact cancer is simply a deficiency disease, like pernicious anemia or scurvy.

It’s caused by the lack of an essential food compound in modern man’s diet. It is not caused by a mysterious toxin or a virus. It is caused by the lack of a key ingredient.

The best and real solution for cancer prevention is simply to… restore this essential food element to our daily intake.

Without this vital compound in our western diet, our natural immune system activates a “Pleomorphic” virus which proves to create most cancerous conditions – (per) Tommy Cichanowski

Vitamin B-17/Laetrile is found in nature where it’s known as Amygdalin. The standard Pharmathera has listed it under the name of Amygdalin for over a hundred years; all this time it was listed as a ‘non-toxic’.

In every country of the world they used it experimentally on a variety of ailments. It’s well known in Europe, Asia, and the United States. Nutritionists refer to it as nitrolosides. When used for cancer therapy, in its purified form, it’s known as Laetrile.

Laetrile is Found in Natural Substances – Worldwide

The most accurate description for this miraculous substance should be that it’s vitamin B-17. Over 12,000 edible plants across the world contain this fabulous substance, most you would not eat: Johnson grass, Tunis grass, arrow grass, and the like.

Cancer Free persons in the World today!

Primitive cultures contain this miraculous substance which today are known for their lack of cancer.

The world’s cultures including the Hunzakut of Northwest Pakistan, Akkadians on the Black Sea, the Eskimos, the Navaho Native Americans, and groups in Africa, Latin America and around the world who are relatively cancer free. In every case, “when you examine the natural diets of these cancer free populations you always find the degree to which they are free of cancer is the same degree to which their foods are rich in vitamin B-17.” There are no exceptions to this fact.

The opposition used a false scientific basis against laetrile or vitamin B-17 which has been blatantly dishonest. Not one physician out of a thousand used laetrile or vitamin B-17 him/herself. But if you ask them if laetrile works, they will say no, it does not… They use as their false basis a research project in 1953 from California. It’s known as the California Report published by the Cancer Advisory Commission of the California Medical Association.

It was written by Dr. E. M. McDonald and Dr. Henry Garland. None of these men, including McDonald and Garland, ever used laetrile. They only [summarized] the records of other medical people who did experimentations of laetrile. Then they issued their own report, which was to tell what they (supposedly) found.

At that time, McDonald and Garland made headlines across the country by claiming vociferously and publicly there was “absolutely no connection between cigarette smoking and lung cancer.”… (a great example of How Big Corp money can buy-off Doctors?) But, Dr. McDonald died incinerated in a fire started by his cigarette while he was asleep, just a few years later.

Dr. Garland boasted he was living proof smoking was safe as he had been a chain smoker ever since a boy, he stated, “Here I am, perfectly healthy, that’s proof you don’t have to worry about smoking.” He died of lung cancer. (Smoking and ‘Cancer’ killed both Doctors).

Their summary of the laetrile experiments was falsified by McDonald and Garland. How do we know? Some years after their report, the original documents they based their summary on were published into the public record, which proved they lied.

Adequate Amounts of Vitamin B-17, or Laetrile

The most common practice is to use as much as two or three grams of Vitamin B-17 in a single injection and it usually takes between 30 and 40 grams total over the course of a week to ten days until the cancer patient reports signs of progress. Thirty to forty grams figured for the total amount.

Good Sources of B-17 are: Apricot seeds, lima beans, buckwheat, flax and millet.

Everybody needs to Read: World Without Cancer: The Story of Vitamin B-17″

By G. Edward Griffin,

Best wishes, Josh Holliday

Source by Josh Holliday

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