The Taboo Real truth about Openness in Anglo/Oriental Cultures


By Winston Wu (Founder of

I have typically wondered about anything:

Why is it that on Television set and in films, men and women are so open up, pleasant, sociable, communicative, simply invite you into their cliques, get you out for exciting and introduce you to some others? They act so heat, passionate, comprehensive of existence and emotion, and are quick to get concerned with. And in romance/drama movies of old (fewer so nowadays) men and women were being so passionate and comprehensive of emotion in their eyes and expression, as while they were being completely conscious and aware.

But in real existence, men and women are commonly uptight, shut, cliquish, paranoid, anti-social exterior their clique, challenging to meet, don’t communicate to you except its business enterprise connected, and in essence disregard you and count on you to head your individual business enterprise though they head theirs. People today are in a bubble and there is an “ice barrier” involving strangers. They seem to be like zombies/automatons who are thoroughly unaware and oblivious to some others about them, as while they were being not completely aware. They are normally in a hurry to get via their each day plan. They seem to be thoroughly uninterested and unconcerned with human connection. And if you are not like that much too, you adhere out like a sore thumb, like you are in a form of Twilight Zone – in a unique actuality from all people else!

Why is there such a Big big difference that no a person at any time talks about?! It is so weird, like the Twilight Zone!

My good friend and cultural advisor, a former US immigrant, made the identical observation in my forum:

“I believe commonly, the most important tradition shock that men and women practical experience in the US is not involving their country and the US but involving what they thought the US would be and what it really is. Guides and films about America make the position show up quite free of charge and remarkable and taking place and the men and women are so appealing and emotional. There is sex and exciting and romance heading on. When they arrive, the position looks quite conservative and the men and women show up robotic and silent. Intercourse is subdued and challenging to arrive by. The men and women are not open up at all, they search shut and mistrustful. Everyone is just doing work and wanting exhausted and apathetic. Chatting to strangers is taboo. There are countless numbers of minimal guidelines and guidelines and social mores that seem to be as dogmatic and rigid as all those in a Muslim culture. And every single time you are at possibility of breaking nonetheless an additional regulation and dealing with quite dire implications. That is the most important tradition shock of all.”

This is so quite evident, nonetheless no a person talks about it. To do so would make you search like a loser, so no a person dares to. It is like an “Emperor’s New Clothes” syndrome. Both that, or men and women don’t see it owing to the cognitive dissonance of their programming.

There is also an unspoken social regulation that claims that wherever you go, you Must say that men and women are quite pleasant and wonderful, or you say nothing at all. Or you can blame your self. But you are NOT authorized to say that men and women are anti-social. That is a huge taboo and No-No.

But the real truth is that in Anglo nations (e.g. United states of america, Canada) and Oriental East Asian cultures (e.g. Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, etcetera.) only middle aged men and women and minimal kids are open up and casually communicate with anybody who is pleasant. But men and women in involving are a unique breed (in particular women). They are shut, uptight, cliquish, paranoid and go about minding their individual business enterprise and count on some others to do the identical. You have to enjoy challenging difficult head game titles to attempt to get into their cliques, and then Probably you will get in.

This big difference involving old men and women, small children and younger grownups (in particular women) is as evident as 2+2=4 in Anglo and Oriental cultures, and is the norm and simply demonstratable. Still NO One particular talks about it except me for some reason. Why?! It is as if it were being “concealed in plain sight” from most people, or the real truth is forbidden!

In actuality, Anglo and Oriental cultures are workaholic, robotic, cliquish, non-social, slave cultures designed purely for business enterprise and productivity. They are devoid of passion, soul and romance. Every thing in these cultures is geared for business enterprise, not passion, human connection, or expression. (while America has bogus versions of these in its Hollywood tradition) People today are dealt with and groomed as economic assets and defined by their economic functions (e.g. personnel, tax payers, buyers, etcetera). They live highly materialistic and segregated life-style devoid of human connection.

As a outcome, they turn out to be machines, rigid and repressed, devoid of romance and passion. The regimented socializing that does get position in such cultures is usually bogus, synthetic, uptight, pretentious and a cliche relatively than a certainly flowing interactive practical experience.

But you wouldn’t discover all this if you’ve only put in time in Anglo/Oriental cultures for you would have nothing to look at them to. You’d have to live in cultures that are the opposite to certainly know the big difference.

On the other hand, in nations that are poorer with big peasant classes or have extra open up and passionate cultures (e.g. Latin America, Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Holland, Philippines, etcetera.), conference men and women occurs as simply as blowing in the wind! Basically! The big difference is astounding, like a BILLION P.c, but a person has to practical experience it firsthand to certainly see it. Why is there such a huge big difference?

In social environments, there is an unspoken social regulation that claims you are authorized to say statements such as the next:

1) Absolutely everyone or most men and women are so pleasant and wonderful! (which most vacation web sites and vacation courses say about men and women all over the place)
2) I am quite busy with perform and have no time to meet men and women.
3) I deficiency social expertise and am not quite outgoing.

Or you say nothing at all. Therefore you are only authorized to praise the majority or blame your self. These are the “norms” and boundaries of what you can and are unable to say, and as you develop up, you master them progressively. Real truth is not the optimum benefit in culture, and the stating “Honesty is the ideal plan” is not followed. As a result, to say anything like the next would be a huge taboo:

“I have hassle conference men and women here. I am quite open up and pleasant, but men and women here are so shut, caught up, anti-social, cliquish, non-inclusive, and don’t want to meet me. They don’t communicate to strangers except it can be business enterprise-connected. They just head their individual business enterprise and count on me to do the identical. So I locate it challenging to meet men and women here.”

No make a difference how Accurate and justified it is, you are NOT Authorized to say that! It is like real truth itself has turn out to be a taboo, which is the signal of a ill culture.

In actuality, in any tradition, it is taboo to say that the men and women there are anti-social, even if it can be real. Therefore, you will not locate such statements in any book in the largest public library or in any news publications. It is thoroughly forbidden, no make a difference how real or justified.

In actuality, if you say the unacceptable statement higher than, not only is it taboo and politically incorrect, but it is freakish and disturbing to men and women because it VIOLATES their paradigm of actuality, which retains the fake assumption and fallacy that:

1) The majority of men and women are suitable, usual, sane, pleasant and sociable.
2) Misfits and men and women who don’t observe the herd are outrageous, crazy and bizarre. They are the problem and to blame for any incompatibility with some others.

Nevertheless, numerous good thinkers and intellectuals with deep insight, from ages ago to new periods, have found via this fallacy, and realized that the reverse was real. Here are some offers from them:

“The item in existence is not to be on the aspect of the majority, but to escape obtaining oneself in the ranks of the crazy.” – Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor

“It is no evaluate of wellness to be well adjusted to a profoundly ill culture.” – Jiddu Krishnamurti

“The adult males the American public admire most extravagantly are the most daring liars the adult males they detest most violently are all those who attempt to explain to them the real truth.” – H. L. Mencken

“Even if you are a minority of a person, the real truth is the real truth.” – Gandhi

“Madness in individuals is anything exceptional – but in teams, get-togethers, nations and epochs, it is the rule.” – Frederich Nietzsche

“Ninety-nine p.c of the men and women in the earth are fools, and the relaxation of us are in good danger of contagion.” – Thornton Wilder

“Each time men and women concur with me I normally experience I must be improper.” — Oscar Wilde

“The unique has normally experienced to wrestle to hold from becoming overcome by the tribe. If you attempt it, you will be lonely typically, and from time to time frightened. But no value is much too superior to pay out for the privilege of possessing your self.” – Frederich Nietzsche

“Males have been taught that it is a advantage to concur with some others. But the creator is the gentleman who disagrees. Males have been taught that it is a advantage to swim with the recent. But the creator is the gentleman who goes in opposition to the recent. Males have been taught that it is a advantage to stand jointly. But the creator is the gentleman who stands on your own.” – Ayn Rand

“Honesty is such a lonely word. Absolutely everyone is so untrue…” – Billy Joel, in his hit tune “Honesty”

“The ill unique finds himself at residence with all other equally ill individuals. The complete tradition is geared to this variety of pathology. The outcome is that the common unique does not practical experience the separateness and isolation the completely schizophrenic man or woman feels. He feels at relieve amongst all those who put up with from the identical deformation in actuality, it is the completely sane man or woman who feels isolated in the crazy culture — and he may well put up with so much from the incapacity to communicate that it is he who may well turn out to be psychotic.” – Eric Fromm (The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness)

(Fromm’s statement higher than potentially points out why the majority do not see the evident social realities I described.)

This parable illustrates the real truth that Fromm described quite well:

“The parable of the poisoned well

There was after a clever king who dominated in excess of a vast city. He was feared for his may well and liked for his knowledge. Now in the heart of the city, there was a well whose waters were being pure and crystalline from which the king and all the inhabitants drank. When all were being asleep, an enemy entered the city and poured seven drops of a bizarre liquid into the well. And he claimed that henceforth all who consume this water shall turn out to be mad.

All the men and women drank of the water, but not the king. And the men and women started to say, “The king is mad and has shed his reason. Seem how strangely he behaves. We are unable to be dominated by a madman, so he must be dethroned.”

The king grew quite fearful, for his topics were being making ready to rise in opposition to him. So a person evening, he ordered a golden goblet to be filled from the well, and he drank deeply. The future working day, there was good rejoicing amongst the men and women, for their beloved king experienced at last regained his reason.”

Therefore it is sad and no marvel that we live in an upside down earth, as Michael Ellner describes in this profound statement:

“Just search at us. Every thing is backwards. Every thing is upside down. Physicians ruin wellness, legal professionals ruin justice, universities ruin know-how, governments ruin freedom, the main media ruin info, and faith destroys spirituality.”

What all this indicates is that if you are even conscious of the social realities described higher than, you will have the hardest time breaking into cliques in Anglo/Oriental nations, because cliques and teams in wealthy cultures are comprehensive of fakeness and conformity, and a person has to be on a comparable vibration with the social clique to even have a likelihood at breaking in (other than taking part in the difficult social game titles much too). This indicates that if you are on a “real truth vibration” and see matters the way they are, you will not be compatible with most cliques, as a result if you acknowledge the actuality higher than, you are previously a misfit. This is the sad actuality. Also, men and women who normally explain to the real truth have a tendency to have handful of friends and won’t fit into big cliques.

So the issue we must inquire is: What is the benefit and value of real truth, freedom and liberation of head? And is the value worth it?

Most men and women while, prefer the practical positive aspects of conformity, relatively than the real truth or the benefit of possessing oneself.

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