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33 thoughts on “Thriller SNACK BOX UNBOXING!”

  1. You pay only 39 cents for some snacks in your grocery store? Literally the cheapest snack you can buy here (Toronto) is for a dollar and the rest are like around $3-5

  2. regardless if you see it at Target or your local supermarket it's totally worth $20 that is a great box and a totally great video

  3. u should try snack crate you get snacks around the world every month is a different place like, England, china, dutch….. the prices are all different and its monthly thing

  4. oh my god! when you called those things Smarties I was very confused because if you don't already know in Canada our Smarties are candy covered chocolate. and they're delicious you probably tried them your Smarties are our Rockets and I freaking hate Rockets! So I hate your Smarties, I like my Smarties and I've been told this by my mom but I'm not sure if it's true that Taffy comes from Newfoundland.

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