Do you recognize all the Leading 10 Unimaginable Facts Of Panda Express? You could have been to a Panda Express plenty of times, and also tasted as several recipes on their food selection as you could, however there are still truths concerning that food web that you do not learn about. Lengthy prior to there was a McDonald’s, Chinese dining establishments have actually constantly populated the American landscape. Of all the American Chinese dining establishments, Panda Express attracts attention not even if of its lengthy and also effective background, or the reality that they have more than 2000 areas in the United States, Canada, and also Europe, however additionally due to the wide array of its recipes. Below are a few of the important things that might stun you as we take a look at the top 10 unknown facts of Panda Express.

Panda Express (Panda Dining Establishment Team) Established October 1983 in Glendale, The Golden State, UNITED STATE by Andrew Cherng and also Peggy Cherng, is a fast-casual dining establishment chain which offers American Chinese food. Panda Express dining establishments were typically situated in mall food courts, however the chain currently runs systems in several various other atmospheres and also styles, consisting of stand-alone dining establishments, along with colleges, gambling enterprises, flight terminals, army bases, theme park, and also various other locations.

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0: 43 Panda Express is Household Owned and also Operated.
2: 05 The Panda Express Owners Met at University.
3: 17 Orange Poultry is a Topseller at Panda Express.
4: 31 Panda Express is a Technology-Driven Chain.
5: 45 Panda Express and also Continual Development.
7: 03 Panda Express is a Delighted Workplace.
8:5 The Panda Express Japanese Link.
9: 36 The Food at Panda Express is Becoming Healthier.
10: 43 The Philanthropic Panda Express.
11: 59 Panda Express Likes Hawaii.

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  1. Happy work environment??? I was 8 months pregnant eating with my husband and needed to go badly to the bathroom but since they closed while we were still eating inside, they would not open the bathroom to me. I rolled my ankle in the parking lot shortly after which hurt so bad because I was rushing to go elsewhere. Everytime I go there it's a dirty unclean environment they always leave the tables and floors full of food and no one is obviously happy working there they are all tired rude and rushing every order. Other than that the food is alright I eat there when I dont wanna spend too much on dinner. Customer service is extremely lacking shit you not…. btw this is in flagstaff az in case they wanna change the environment for paying customers and treat us better

  2. Lies and BS about the part of all Panda Express restaurants all tasting the same.

    Panda Express may BE owned by a family however the restaurant itself will never be the same food-wise. However what this video is feeding you a bit BS.

    And if you have money and invented thousands of different Panda Expresses you will truly understand they're are all similar fashion JK not the point however but I am expressing about panda Express The restaurant will never taste the same but may look that same but rather taste different due to the establishments and workers.

  3. Panda express is fucking awful, I waited in their drive through for service for 15 minutes….I was the only person in line. Only other time I tried it, it was the worst chinese food Ive ever had.

  4. Too much ra-ra propaganda hard sell cheering and the narrator woman irritatingly gabbles. Please be more fair-minded and show the other side of the coin. Can't believe my recently naturalised American brother had his 2019 christmas dinner there. Fewer and fewer eat or cook at home any more in the US I guess. Going that way quickly here in UK too. LAZY FAT BASTARDS ALL OVER!

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