Tricks Of The Trade | The Kitchen (S9) | Food Network Asia

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The Kitchen hosts spill some insider tricks about restaurant food!

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10 thoughts on “Tricks Of The Trade | The Kitchen (S9) | Food Network Asia”

  1. "The Kitchen" is by far Thee Worst Show on all of The Food Network, if not on all of TV. You couldn't have grouped 4 of the most annoying, self-centered, fake, know-it-all's better than this anywhere else on a stage than The Kitchen! (sorry Jeffrey, you're included here I guess because you need to pay your rent, too) It's the most exasperating, love-to-hate show of all time! Food Network put their hand in the hat and pulled out 4 of the worst food personalities they have going. Why is Sonny Anderson so relevant in the Food Network world anyway? She throws in her ghetto act and lingo when she wants to intimidate and show that she's the best there is. Girl stop! Chita Rivera clearly needs more credit hours in English School – you're in America, lose the accent! If Jeff Morrow doesn't have the sandwich show anymore, let's re-crown him King of Douchebags, it's really more appropriate for him. And Katy, you're just a little prude trying to be all cutesy – your little dibs 'n' dabs of tasting have taken no thought whatsoever to conjure up. Have a little content. Beauty fades, dumb is forever! This show rates Below Zero!

  2. I really like this show and everybody except Sonny she is so annoying and is always the first one to eat everything in sight! She drives me crazy! Does anyone else feel the same way or is it just me?

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