Vegan Dumplings with Easy Gluten-Free Wonton Wrappers

Ultimately veggie dumplings (or potstickers) with an egg-free as well as gluten-free wrapper! As well as they are simple to make with a 4 component oil-free dough ▽ L I N K S B E L O W ▽.

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36 thoughts on “Vegan Dumplings with Easy Gluten-Free Wonton Wrappers”

  1. So delicious! First time making wraps and dumplings ! They’re so filling , you can save enough for 4-5 meals from 12 dumplings. I used kale, crumbled tofu, grated carrot, grated ginger, scallions & cauliflower 🙂 thank you for the amazing recipe!

  2. Hmmm …. I don't know how many times I've watched this video but I keep coming back whenever I'm looking for a gluten-free pasta dough. Since in the regular version dumpling wrappers are not that far of a "ravioli wrapper", I'm assuming this dough could be nice if shaped in tagliatelle or lasagna sheet forms. Have you tried it? As always, thank you so much for inspiring us <3

  3. I'm not vegan but I have ciliac and have been looking for three years now to find gf wonton option thank you so much for posting this video. can finally have my wontons again

  4. I admire you people that can manage to be Vegans, but I just can't stay off the shrimp and pork fillings! I wanted to thank you for taking into account coeliacs though.. my wife is coeliac and will appreciate this. Great channel!

  5. Here's a tip: you can buy veggie slaw that's all
    Those veggies already sliced in a bag that includes broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, cabbage and just add other veggies you wanted

  6. thanks so much , i been craving for dumplings and wasn't able to it, until now that i came across with your channel, thanks for sharing, is awesome , i'm so trying those

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