Vegan Kung Pao Tofu | Recipe by Mary&#39s Take a look at Kitchen

Pleased Lunar New Year, my pals! Kung Pao Hen has been on my intellect recently. It’s a spicy, intensely flavoured dish with its roots in Sichuan cuisine but has travelled the entire world and turn into a western-Chinese food favourite. And now, this variation does not even have rooster. Purists dislike me. But you are likely to love this vegan Kung Pao Tofu!

Get the total recipe:

If you are averting gluten, be confident to select gluten-cost-free soy sauce. If you won’t be able to come across gluten-totally free dim soy sauce, skip it and add more soy sauce at the conclude of cooking if preferred. Chinese Black Vinegar also has wheat so try gluten-absolutely free balsamic vinegar for a related flavour.


Mild soy sauce:

Darkish soy sauce:

Chinese Black Vinegar:

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39 thoughts on “Vegan Kung Pao Tofu | Recipe by Mary&#39s Take a look at Kitchen”

  1. This is honestly so good!! I’ve made this twice now. It needs a little more soy sauce and a touch of sesame oil imo and I substituted the tofu with soy curls which taste amazing with this recipe!

  2. I just cooked this and ate it. WAS AMAZING. Will be having this again. But I must caution you, the corn starch on the tofu might stick to the pan, then the tofu might stick to the paper towels after it's fried. That's what happened to me anyway. Wasn't too bad, but I had to peel some of the paper towel off the tofu before going back into the pan with the sauce and veggies.

  3. How about Almond chicken? The kind with the brown gravy used for Egg Foo Young….I use to love that so much! I may take a shot at it using your Tofu Fried chicken recipe or maybe even the Seitan. I would love to see you make that. I know some people make it different, but in Detroit when we use to order take out, it had the gravy with it. In Atlanta I have to special order it that way they make it different.

  4. The first crispy tofu recipe I learned had instructions to toss the tofu in cornstarch on a cutting board or plate. Man was that a mess, and the tofu would bounce and roll onto the floor. Sad times. Until one day I decided "Hey, I should do this in a bowl" and coincidentally every recipe for cornstarch coated tofu I've seen since then also does it in a bowl. If only I'd known! Thank you for sharing this recipe, I can't wait to try it!

  5. Thanks for this delicious recipe! I watched the video today and made the dish straight away. Have never had kung pao chicken but I really loved this way of preparing tofu. It's a keeper!

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