Viet Germany Area – Berlin’s DONG XUAN CENTER

If you compare Berlin’s Vietnam town to Little Saigon in America or Houston or in many places you’ll be disappointed because it’s just a large warehouse area full of cheap goods like clothes, nail salons, small grocery stores, and of course restaurants. There wasn’t much to film. Owners didn’t like cameras in their stores. And the food… well it was quite northern Vietnam and the portions were massive compared to the real deal in Hanoi.
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Filmed with an NX500 16-55mm lens

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26 thoughts on “Viet Germany Area – Berlin’s DONG XUAN CENTER”

  1. I'm a Hmong American and planning on moving to Germany within the next year. I was interested in the Asian/Vietnamese German culture was like considering there are less than 60 Hmong Hmong/German mixed people living there and it will be hard for me to find them and my culture is more closely related to the Vietnamese and Thai culture.

  2. Was Geht ab du Milchschnitte 😀 It's quite funny, when your german-vietnamese friend talks english xD

    Nice video, i really enjoyed watching it. I live in germany but i was never in Berlin :3

  3. My ex girlfriend was vietnamese but born in Germany, truly a beautiful sweet mix honestly, she had that beautiful accent when she spoke english though. I loved her so much, and me been Peruvian American, born in California USA, honestly I can see the big difference of Berlin's vietnam town to Little Saigon here in California Orange County

  4. I'm a Hungarian from Romania, living in UK 🙂 Planning to visit Vietnam in June! Maybe we can meet up in Saigon ? I have seen almost all your videos! Keep up the good work, hope to see you in Vietnam. Peace

  5. I'm German and during my time as student I got to spent 5 months in Hanoi (2009 – 2010), but visited a lot of other places in the country as well and I have been in love with the country eversince. Just wish I'd have learnt more of the language when I was there :-/ Very difficult to find Vientames language classes here in Germany though, at least in the region where I live.

  6. a bit late but who cares
    i'm a vietnamese from berlin and that's why i understood why cameras aren't well received i'm just listing up the reasons.

    1. some are illegal immigrants and don't want to be filmed (deportation)
    2. some receive social benefits and are doing illicit work (losing the social benefits)
    3. Dong Xuan is the major hub for human trafficking of vietnamese people into germany
    4. some are in the so called "cigarette mafia" getting thing from their stash or dealer
    5. some are selling fake products, which is illegal in germany, and police used to go as a tourist and film the fakes and used it as a video proof to impose harsh fines (the main reason)

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