Visiting An Asian Import Store

In this video we visit an asian import store. They carry foods from all over Asia, but we will take a look at some Japanese, and Korean ones. In this video I check out bento boxes, instant ramen, Psy, FAKE POCKY, Tea, Sake, and Squid Sauce.

I experiment with background music in this video. I haven’t quite figured out the proper levels to keep it consistent. Music made impromptu by me for this video.

This video is a little weird because I took it on my iPhone so it isn’t as nice as the video I do at home. I find that the iPhone has problems focusing quickly.



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8 thoughts on “Visiting An Asian Import Store”

  1. I just went to Mitsuwa today. Picked up some really good stuff and had some yummy Spicy Miso Ramen. The household items are extremely expensive. The makeup, uh….prices are like buying Chanel and Marc Jacob prices for drug store mascara. They had a $324 rice cooker! A $119 water kettle for tea. Second time at Mitsuwa, but I didn't explore the household aisle last time. The bakery is my favorite. Wish I knew what fishy stuff was worth getting cuz I want to expand my palate a lot more. Tons of fresh and dried fish. Have you done a video on your favorite fishy dishes/snacks?

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