Weird Foodstuff Particular – Road Food Asia

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Leading Inns in China (TripAdvisor):
The Upper Residence 5* Hong Kong, Hong Kong –
The Linden Centre 5* Xizhou, China –
The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong 5* Hong Kong, Hong Kong –
Shenzhen Hui Hotel (Huaqiang NorthBusiness Zone) 5* Shenzhen, China –
Four Seasons Resort Hong Kong 5* Hong Kong, Hong Kong –
Beijing Purple Wall Back garden Hotel Wangfujing 5* Beijing, China –
The Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong 5* Hong Kong, Hong Kong –
Four Seasons Resort Hangzhou at West Lake 5* Hangzhou, China –
Ovolo Central Arbuthnot Highway 5* Hong Kong, Hong Kong –
Tonino Lamborghini Boutique Hotel Suzhou 5* Suzhou, China –


17 thoughts on “Weird Foodstuff Particular – Road Food Asia”

  1. Bread never can replace main dish as rice, so we eat bread like dessert or with dessert.
    Bread with ice cream (coconut ice cream) is also available in Thailand. I think the purple ice cream u got made by taro.

  2. really your type people is made for hell because in between u and animals is very tough recognise who is the humans

  3. It's only psychological, it's all protein , fats etc. in a different form . If you think it's unpalatable , it's in your mind /upbringing , just your imagination really . Go out and enjoy the worlds foods !

  4. People are like Chickens they eat EVERYTHING…. I bet somewhere in this world they eat Cow-shit hamburgers with fries on the side with a delicious pus sauce on them

  5. That food at 11:05 is classic meat jelly.. Just that goat heads are different.. In whole europe is it made from pork. It is "healthy" in same principle like gummy bears are.. There is many collagens which are good on nails or knuckles… Its not a main food it is more like delicatessen to beer..

  6. We have "Cheese" Ice cream in Mexico… I don't like it either!, it's like eating frozen Butter with a hint of salt and sugary taste.

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