Weird Meals With Andrew Zimmern ( Paris, France )


32 thoughts on “Weird Meals With Andrew Zimmern ( Paris, France )”

  1. I've lived in a few countries and tasted food everywhere over the world and there's just something about the French produce. Like beef is just ridiculously good there. Not necessarily the french cut itself but even like a beef patty is amazing. I don't get why.

  2. I love charcuterie, you are so lucky. They wouldn't let you eat at a restaurant at Rungis? They're just not open to the public. Love thus video. 🙂

  3. I love this show but there wasn't much unusual food in this episode. Hell, I have that mustard in my kitchen. What's weird about squashed duck and expensive cheese? The Farao Isle episode was much more an eye-opener.

  4. You could feed Zimmern shyte and he would dance around like a fairy rolling his eyes and clutching his hands in one long orgasm

  5. You and Mr Bourdain
    Best channels to watch
    Entertaining and educational at the same time
    Say, do you need someone to carry your luggage and be your valet? I have a valid passport!!!

  6. Looking at the menu of that "1,000 Euro dinner" restaurant it really looks more like it'd be about 200 per person unless you go crazy on wines costing hundreds of Euros.

  7. women are weird hay can someone be telling you their sad storie about real shit and mid convo tell him ur masterbating thats weird wierd part was I got instantly turned on and side tracked at least I know Im not gay woooooo☺ now its time to prove it to world god bless freaky sluts

  8. now that ive watched andrew for years and years,,, hes an idiot and is better off in a jungle eating worms, raw frogs and fresh shit,,,, he just made me not like him with his being just plain dumb!

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