Whackhead desires a Chinese Distribution

Whackhead Darren Simpson phones a Chinese Take-away to ask for a dish yet he would certainly like it provided. Point is, they do not provide, so Darren attempts every technique in guide to obtain them to provide …


16 thoughts on “Whackhead desires a Chinese Distribution”

  1. The Fook Hing Chinese resteraunt does a great take away menu…Kow Poo (savory beef pancakes)..Dik Sor (sausage rubbed in chilli powder)..Ho Mo (sausage surprise)..Rec Tum Blok (extra large sausage).. Pu Bik (young sprouts)..Pee Soff (Chinese leaves)..Di Ree (Chinese leftovers in aromatic brown sauce)..Bol Ox (meat balls), with or without Kum Mor (special white sauce).. Ser Cum Siez (chopped calamari)..Kunt Ontung (fish surprise)..Holmein Kok (regional speciality ,tightly wrapped sausage).. Sik In Loo ( mystery order,all you can eat)…open 24 hours to deliver at your front door or up your back passage if you prefer…enjoy

  2. If she speaks Chinese and not Japanese why would she be offended? She'd just think he was poking fun at her language. So there would be no reason to use it. I didn't get shitty with you there is no reason for your attitude Miss.

  3. im south african tooo and i live in china…im sure u knw about the fued between china and japan anybody with actual sense would understand that seriously now…..do u still doubt it?

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