What I Ate in Malaysia and Singapore! | Asia Vacation Vlog

Sharing the most unforgettable moments (ie the food!) of my initially time in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia & Singapore!

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33 thoughts on “What I Ate in Malaysia and Singapore! | Asia Vacation Vlog”

  1. it's pronounced chendol! in indonesian and malaysian c sounds are ch sounds (my mom drilled that into my head haha) and even though i'm half indo, i still don't like durian

  2. My mom loves the king of the fruits, aka durian! She grew up in the PI (But isn't filipino by blood) & it's what she says she misses the most is the fresh durian & other fresh fruits. She says it just doesn't taste the same here in America.

  3. Hahahaha! I'm Chinese Indonesian and our language and food are very similar to those of Malaysia. I love cendol (chen-dol). So yummy!

  4. I feel the exact same way about durian haha! Love watching food vlogs like these! Looks like you had an amazing time there– great video!

  5. Lol we must have been in Malaysia the same time I just got back after two weeks there. Yes I already miss the food there, American cuisine is not traditionally vegetarian friendly, but Malaysia had so many vegetarian options. My in-laws live there so I will definitely be going back.

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