What to Get at a Chinese Grocery store

Right here are some things you should really buy when procuring at a Chinese Grocery store.

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28 thoughts on “What to Get at a Chinese Grocery store”

  1. What is these abc s problem ? Attacking their own roots? If you believe things made in China is bad remind yourself your parents were made in China

  2. Cup noodles are weird. The first time I tried it as kid I just assumed it would taste like the packaged ramen, you know like Maruchan or top ramen, well it didn't. The taste was awkward and not right. I was so young and naive back then. . . .

  3. when i was young before i moved to america i used to sit on the rice bags and no one notice until my mom turned around. she saw me and said "why you on the food" and she slapped my face with a bannana. then on vactation to Hong Kong i sat on the rice bags and told my mom to look over she laughed so loud that i think America heard her

  4. Thank You!
    Yes, it might be good to break it down onto 3 or 4 sections-(if you get the extra time)… but this video here, has already helped!
    I've normally only went in to get a certain brand of lemon cookie-(that i got a sample of at a new years celebration here a few years back, or a bag of rice, and or some rice noodles…

  5. Thank you for the tour. I go to China town just about every weekend here in Houston and love many of the veggies and fruits. Durian is one of my favorite foods of all time. Jackfruit is good too, as are mangosteen, lychee, longan, rambutan, to name a few.

  6. Bitter melon is one of my favorites, when you know how to cook, say mixed with fired eggs or black bean. Okinawa people love bitter melon too.

  7. Nice video! Too bad I didn't watch this earlier, I bought some chili oil from a Chinese market and realized it had trans fats (probably from hydrogenated soy oil).

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