What to take in for breakfast in Yangon, Myanmar?

This is what I ate for breakfast in Yangon.

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33 thoughts on “What to take in for breakfast in Yangon, Myanmar?”

  1. First u should mix Mandalay Noodles up and down properly … because they did not mix it … it must be yellow color and more good test …… U ate all our famous and good foods …… Thank you

  2. Hey! Kyle, I love your adventures. That dude is on your tail!!!!!! May be they are keeping taps on ya!!!!!! The food look delicious. Cheers from Canada

  3. Dude, when your traveling to these places how do you make money? I want to go to Laos and live like in the country away from the city noise but I don't know what to do about money. Also, I never left the States except to go to Canada. I don't know how it all works and all the rules. If I go to Laos am I allowed to stay there as long as I want or do I have to become a citizen?

  4. I'm so glad U dont have much subscribers, stop uploading fake reviews!! From the looks of your previous videos, i'm sure U can fake shit is delicious too!!

  5. I m a yangon native and living in Chiang Mai, Thailand!I wish that next time u will visit this city! regardless of being sort of "second capital" in Thailand, Chiang Mai is a city in Thailand where lots of foods and cultures are to be found!

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