White Woman Commits Racist Criminal offense Of Opening Chinese Food Restaurant | The Matt Walsh Demonstrate Ep. 236

Today on the present, very good news for Bernie Sanders: he’s a millionaire. But is that lousy news for his marketing campaign? Also, a white lady is viciously attacked for opening a Chinese restrauant. Last but not least, a woman writes in to Slate pondering why she just can’t locate any great adult males for one particular night time stands? We will check out to get to the base of that mystery these days.


39 thoughts on “White Woman Commits Racist Criminal offense Of Opening Chinese Food Restaurant | The Matt Walsh Demonstrate Ep. 236”

  1. Don't confuse the point! Socialism was never meant for the elites. Socialism is for the masses! "YOU MUST ALL TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER! And I will make sure YOU do, while I sit in a golden palace eating peeled grapes!"

  2. She is the perfect model of what is wrong with muslems coming here, they don’t want to adopt our culture and blend into it like millions before. Why come if you are condemning our nation. The WHY is simple they like the democrats can’t taking losing well. They are here as an invasion army force nothing more. Speaking of food they don’t like ours and who cares, again the Obama political correct morons, let’s just be correct OK.

  3. Moral of the story social justice Warriors are unemployed pieces of s*** that wander the internet and streets all day long looking for something to b** about that's it they're absolutely incapable of doing anything else besides complaining this is what happens when you don't teach your kids anything when they're little you let them be all that they can be and retardation slowly but surely consumes them wow

  4. I am ethnic Chinese American. I think it is great that she does. Competition is good and yes, many Chinese restaurants are not cleaned food or setting wise. My family knows two Chinese American families operating American Eateries. Are they racists? So many Koreans open Japanese restaurants. So give me a break and these Leftists need to get a job and life. Oh, my bad, incite racial division and cause misery for all is their full time job………

  5. All of these SJW’s are trying to create a society of Stepford Wives, we can no longer have an opinion or a thought unless it’s aligns with theirs without being ostracized. Especially if you are white!! Our freedoms are being taken away daily.

  6. Man what do they sell about all those white, black, Asian, Indian, and all other spectrums of the melon and Rainbow that open up Taco Bells or Olive Gardens?

  7. American Chinese food is definitely unhealthy. Actual Chinese food in many areas of China is pretty unhealthy too.. Mostly for foreigners not used to it though, because China lacks a lot of food regulation. So I don't see what's wrong with her wanting to make a more healthier version of it. A lot of authentic Chinese restaurants in the USA are safer and healthier to eat due to food regulations.

  8. People cry racism because it's a quick fix of feeling superior. The thing is only people who feel like they are worth nothing need to resort to such antics.

  9. So, this means only White people are allowed in the USA?? Or that only Whites can go to Harvard and Yale?? What about all that Indian Hair Welfare Queens and other Black Women wear all the time?? Fake fingernails? Think of how restrictive that behavior is!!! It's criminal… it's against her Civil Rights!

  10. The Left is all about promoting social engineering; they are disconnected from their own selves, and they don't even get they are being played so that in short course, all freedoms and personal expression are shut down.

  11. Ah, Re Abortion. Doctrine of Double effect. Oops. For instance: While driving I directly and knowingly kill an entire family in a van to miss a single child in the street. But I didn't mean to kill the family. Just not hit the child. So it was not my fault I killed the family? That's real world, and that's absurd. It is my fault. Try again.

  12. Bernie is promoting Capitalism, not Socialism… He says, "If you can write a best selling book, you can be a millionaire, too.". But doesn't this go against his Socialist plans for us? What about equality of 'OUTCOME', the subversive propaganda being pushed on the many not so smart Welfare recipients and ignorant, immature young people??? Of course, Bernie wants to keep his money but he wants the rest of us to live and work how and where they want us to and they want us to pay for everyone else. That's Socialism for ya. The rules don't apply to our overlords.

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