Why are individuals so Healthy and balanced in Japan?

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This is a follow up to my various other video clip on the food setting in Japan labelled “Why is it so very easy to be slim in Japan?”.
Having actually stayed in America as well as currently residing in Japan, it interests see exactly how extremely various these 2 food atmospheres are. I’ve seen talk about one more among my video clips around reduced carbohydrate claiming something like “Oh sure, you can slim down on reduced carbohydrate, which is why all the rice consuming Japanese individuals are so slim, appropriate?”.
So with this video clip (as well as possibly the last one), I’m wishing to reveal that the diet regimen over right here is a lot more intricate than simply “high carbohydrate”.

0: 00 – Introduction: America & Japan.
0: 42 – Individuals stroll a lot more in Japan.
1: 35 – Part dimensions are smaller sized.
2: 30 – America as well as Soft drink.
2: 40 – Rice vs. Wheat.
3: 50 – Fermented foods maintaining the intestine healthy and balanced.
5: 14 – Meat usage is stabilized with Fish usage.
5: 54 – Muscle mass meat as well as body organ meat equilibrium.
7: 57 – Eco-friendly Tea.
8: 43 – College Lunches in Japan.

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Large many thanks to Greg from “Life Where I’m From” for allowing me utilize some shots from his video clip “Tokyo by Train”! – (They’re the specialist shots near the begin of individuals strolling in Kamakura/ around the train terminal).
– Ensure as well as have a look at his network – it’s extremely intriguing, specifically if you want Japan:.
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33 thoughts on “Why are individuals so Healthy and balanced in Japan?”

  1. I like your video was wondering I'd like to move to Japan as I'm retired and want refreshing change in my life what is the cost of living there and any advice from you

  2. what frustrates me is that in america, real food is more expensive than food-like "food". why is that? is it because the food-like products are cheaper to make? genuinely curious

  3. Are people forgetting the socioeconomic reasons why people suffer from obesity? In the US many poor people live in food deserts where the nearest place to get food are liquor stores or gas stations. In these places, grocery stores are (at least) one hour away on bus. Most people do not own cars. In the US healthy food is more expensive than unhealthy foods. People who have never experienced poverty always say "veggies and fruits are not expensive" but these people do not understand that a salad is not filling or that alot of these foods take time to cook. In the US poor people work (at least) two jobs and live pay check to pay check. The last thing you want to do when you are dead tired is cook. Cheaper food for more calories is an issue and so is poverty. Not only is poverty an issue but we have to think about the intersectionality of race in these issues. So, yeah it's much more complicated than just "Japanese people WaLk MoRe" or "Japanese people eat less processed food". The issue is much more complicated than those reasons.

  4. I'm from Japan and filming on Youtube for healthy things.
    In my opinion, yea, I think because of potion each food mostly.
    We eat bread, meat and gluten or so.
    But we don't eat so big potion at all. You'll be realized that small potion form every food than other countries.
    Even sometimes we don't eat protein, we only eat small potion is fine.

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