Why Do Some Experienced Filipina Dr Do Not Like Their White Male People?

Typically, getting a client is a privilege that most folks love specially if the client-health practitioner romance is without the need of flaw. It will become even more enjoyable when it can get to a more individual level but however maintain that level of professionalism. This suggests that a health practitioner can develop into a little bit harsh on his words and phrases without the need of even offending the client and the client can evenly joke about it. This regularly happens when the client has not been actually following the doctor’s assistance. If you are a Caucasian male who life abroad or in the Philippines and have a Filipina health practitioner, you may have grown fond of her presently. Nonetheless, you may have presumptions about your Filipina health practitioner dependent on your client visits.

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The place Is It Coming From?

Having a Filipina health practitioner is some thing that a large amount of folks take into account a privilege. This is due to the fact the Filipinas in general get their work pretty very seriously. They have [poured in sweat and blood just to come to the stage where they actually get to practice in the world of medicine. For most Filipinos, being a doctor is almost always a privilege in itself because they indirectly, without saying, have a higher status already in the society.  If you think though that some mature Filipina doctor does not like white patients, you might want to find out where this assumption is coming from. Is it out of personal experience, gossip or from a personal experience from a friend? Normally, Filipinas are very sweet and caring which can be extended in a workplace without jeopardizing the patient-doctor relationship.

At times, they can display their dislike for a certain patient especially for Caucasian men because they may be rude and presumptuous. In the west, where being straightforward about what they feel is something that may be accepted between white people, it is something that Filipinas find offensive. So she may have had previous experiences with other white male patients and take it all against white males that becomes her patient. Other contributory factors are:

  • She might just be having a bad day.
  • She might be in her premenopausal stage.
  • She might be just tired
  • Her white male patient was arrogant and presumptuous in their previous meeting which changes her mood the next time they meet again.

Test The Waters

If you want to find out that it is true then you might want to give the mature Filipina doctor the benefit of the doubt. You might want to find out about other male friends who have mature Filipina doctors as well. Just like everybody else, whatever race or culture, there will always be differences in personality and upbringing. Personality type is always an issue regardless or race or gender. If you are a white male then you might also want to try out for a check-up on a mature Filipina doctor to have an assessment of your own. If this issue really matters much to you then you really need to look into a lot of circumstances between white male patients and mature Filipina doctors before you can arrive into a conclusion. 

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