Why Do We Need Muffins?

A few days ago someone added a very interesting comment to a recipe for healthy muffins, which really got me thinking…

Do we really need muffins?

The lady asked a very valid question; after pointing out that the muffins did in fact look scrummy, she asked why we needed muffins at all, of any description; why couldn’t we just eat the dates, apples and carrots that were in them, as they come, and enjoy them?

This really did get me thinking and I thought it was well worthy of a mention!

Myself and my family do eat loads of fresh food, as do many other people, including things like apples dates and carrots, some of the straight from our garden or neighbour’s gardens. We adore fresh food and stay away from processed foods wherever possible. A diet which relies on natural ingredients, a diet which does not come from boxes with unpronounceable ingredients and which is free from refined sugar and artificial sweeteners simply has to be the way to go to improve ones health.

So, why then do I eat muffins?

The truth is, that although we adore the fresh fruits and veggies, we also like a treat, some comfort food now and again – it’s good for the soul! There’s nothing quite like that smell of freshly baked goods in the kitchen, it sets the senses alive and the anticipation of eating the spoils is marvellous!

To my mind, treats can and should be healthy too (with the odd exception to the rule), but still taste delicious. Now, as delicious as apples, carrots and dates are, they’re not really comfort food, they’re not the type of thing you could look forward to munching with a cup of fruit tea in the afternoon when you fancy a comforting treat.

The thing is, that food isn’t just about what we need, sometimes it’s about pure enjoyment and what we want, what we desire! Now, if we can get that from a muffin and still have it be packed full of nourishing goodness then I’d say that’s one heck of a result!

We do stay away from the use of refined sugar and artificial sweeteners wherever possible in cooking and baking at home. We also have to avoid the use of wheat flour as my youngest daughter is intolerant to wheat gluten. Therefore, when I bake a treat, it’s something like a healthy muffin. The kids love it and I can be happy in the knowledge that they are eating something that is nourishing them rather than robbing them of their precious health.

The point of sharing such recipes also, is to encourage other people to experiment with their baking, to attempt to get their kids to like veg through adding it to things that they associate with a comforting treat and to let people know that eating real food and eating a healthy diet doesn’t have to mean excluding comfort food and treats, including muffins!

So, why do we need muffins? We don’t!

Do we want muffins? Hell Yes!


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