World Food and Wine

For a lot of people, the best and maybe only way to experience cultures around the world is through the food and wine of each region. Every country and area of ​​the world has such a different way of preparing food and wine and these methods are all culturally historic. In this article, you will find a brief overview of different parts of the world, including interesting facts about their wines and cuisine. An array of world food and wine awaits you.

One obvious place to start is Europe. This culturally diverse area is filled with different types of world food and wine. In France, the lovely region of Bordeaux boasts some of the best wine in the world and a delicious selection of classic French cuisine. Travel to Holland, however, and you'll find things to be quite different. The people of The Netherlands are known for their production of brandy, which is essentially wine that has been distilled. Enjoy the drink with fine Dutch cheeses and country breads.

You may not automatically think of Australia when considering world food and wine. But the truth is, the mild year-round climate is perfect for producing some of the world's best wines. They are especially famous for their lighter, fruity red wines. Enjoy these wines with the unique local cuisine-barbeque, pastas and seafood with a twist!

Our next stop in a tour around the world is Asia. This continent offers quite the variations on world food and wine. The Chinese offer a wonderful wine called rice wine. This wine is typically golden and low in alcohol content, while still being high in taste. Authentic rice wine is often sweet, making it a great pairing for almost any Asian food. Choose a good bottle of rice wine to compliment a sweet Thai curry dish. Perhaps you're more in the mood for authentic Chinese food. The low alcohol content of rice wine makes it a great pairing for spicy Chinese selections.

We end our tour of world food and wine on the American continents. In the United States, California offers a wonderful variety of wine and perfectly paired cuisine. On the other hand, South America has a food and wine culture all its own. Many people already know how wonderful Chilean wines can be. Chili is famous for their Merlot wines. Pair these wines with traditional spicy Chilean meats and south of the border dishes.


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