World's best Chinese restaurant – T'ang Court in Hong Kong – 3 Michelin stars

Join me for my amazing tasting dinner at T’ang Court ( one of only six three-Michelin-starred restaurants in Hong Kong. This iconic Cantonese spot is considered the best place in the city for classic, yet contemporary Chinese food. T’ang Palace is inside the beautiful Langham, Hong Kong ( in Kowloon and is one of only four Cantonese restaurants around the world to hold three Michelin stars.

Dinner was delicious, with both classic tastes and new things to discover. The wine was especially good and the service was just spectacular.

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27 thoughts on “World's best Chinese restaurant – T'ang Court in Hong Kong – 3 Michelin stars”

  1. 唐宫的菜是不错 不过米其林三星肯定是谈不上 法国人用他们的标准来衡量中国的菜系总归有着极大的偏差 不过朗庭酒店的这家中餐厅确实代表着很好的粤菜和现代粤菜的水准了

  2. Please, say 3-michelin-star-tang-court again my ears have started bleeding but I haven't died yet. Perhaps if you introduce yourself another 20 times it will finish me off.

  3. Classic? That's not Cantonese. Looks like French Fusion feces. I don't what they served you, other than a few items that are Cantonese, the rest looks like fluff shit. Cantonese foods are basic, wholesome, simple, creative/resourcefulness and value. This superficial place are catered to whites or snobs who don't know shit. This is a travesty.

  4. Food presentation looks western..I hope to see Chinese cuisine come up with a different but modern style just like Modern Chinese painting. And I believe you had western wine…
    anyway, it must have been a wonderful experience for the taste buds.

  5. Great Video again, Keep up the good work. I have another questions want to ask you haha.
    So Lung Keen Hing and T'ang Court are both 3 Michelin Stars serving traditional cantonese cuisine and my question is which one would you prefer?

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