Food & Lodge Asia 2014 – Singapore Expo

The 1-Shot® ice product, frozen yogurt, sorbet and sherbet dispensing process will be appearing at Food stuff & Resort Asia 2014.

DailyFresh (Importer)
Meals & Lodge Asia 2014
Corridor 7
BOOTH 7M3-07
Singapore Expo
8 – 11 April 2014

For a lot more details, please contact:

Gary McGill, MA, MBA, FCMI
International Headquarters
The One-Shot Company Limited
60 Churchill Sq. Small business Centre
Kings Hill
ME19 4YU
Tel: + 44 1732 525925
Fax: + 44 1732 525825


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My Wealthy Affiliate Overview – More Than Earnings

Some reviewers of solutions or products and services deal with the genuine things the merchandise or services does. I&#39m not heading to do that. I joined Rich Affiliate College to make cash as an on the net property dependent business enterprise, so my Wealthy Affiliate assessment is going to emphasis on the revenue, due to the fact that is why I joined, appropriate?

I anticipated to study all the expertise and procedures, and I have, but I did not assume to study so several approaches to make a dwelling in my spare time from the comfort of my possess household. Initially there was profits from blogging and article marketing, Alright I get it. Then there was earnings from affiliate goods and companies, that was a worthwhile perk. Then came the juicy revenues that are all in excess of the online when you understand about them and how to accessibility them. I utilised to spend for memberships or matters like web-site domains from GoDaddy with revenue from my day position. Nonetheless, I have developed marketable abilities, where I can trade my skills for income, that far more than protected my early costs as I got established, I stayed in the black.

That is the important to a applications achievements or failure in my opinion. Is it one thing I can do, and see a check out? I had my doubts, but as my Wealthy Affiliate review demonstrates, the profits streams just stored coming. My on the web dwelling primarily based organization stayed in the black, and has ongoing to increase each and every time my abilities and know-how ended up utilized toward yet more profits streams.

Affiliate advertising led to email promoting, social media advertising and marketing by means of factors like Fb and Twitter, YouTube and even Google. Did you know Google has an affiliate application for a photo editing support, referred to as Picnik? It&#39s true, and you get to use it, and gather revenue from it as properly. That is the most effective thing about online marketing and advertising in typical, you get to use all the great instruments and issues you market. Most of it is free of charge, but anything like Picnik was important to me, so I made the decision for myself, to be a person and a seller by their affiliate application. As a result of the expertise I have admitted to be in a position to produce my Rich Affiliate evaluation, I have a thriving on line household primarily based business that pays me, pays my bills, not all my payments as I am even now early in my business. It positive feels excellent to compose down each profits source as you learn them far too.

You do not constantly have the skills needed, when you first study of something, but I acquired suitable away to create certain matters down, and you know me by now, revenue options are my initially priority! As my skills increased, I already knew the income streams to use them with, due to the fact I lined up sources of earnings from day one particular on. I&#39m still mastering new and unique approaches to enhance my income and my present web true estate will get a greater resell worth at the exact same time.


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Rapid Nikujaga (Meat and Potato Stew)

Nikujaga (literally "meat and potatoes") is an easy Japanese stew that comes together in under 30 minutes form just a handful of ingredients that get thrown in a pot together and simmered until flavorful and delicious. #japanesefood #japaneserecipe #stew #meatandpotatoes

What is Nikujaga

Niku(肉) implies “meat” in Japanese, andjagais quick forjagaimo(ジャガイモ) which signifies “potatoes”. Put the two jointly, and you have oneself a Japanese stew that includes meat and potatoes! Despite the uninspired identify, the dish itself is a outstanding remix of conventional western stew ingredients prepared in a Japanese way.
It is flavorful and delicious, and yet it is hearty enough to feed the troops… quite literally. Like Japanese curry rice Nikujaga was designed by cooks in the Japanese Imperial Navy to feed a whole lot of hungry mouths. Despite its significantly less than savory origins, it’s absent on to turn out to be a home staple, particularly for people with expanding youngsters.

Rather of like massive chunks of meat, the beef in this stew is sliced thinly. This was possibly accomplished initially to lower again on the cost of the stew, but it functions excellent for this dish, as the meat cooks to a tumble-apart regularity in significantly less time than a traditional stew. Also, due to the fact the meat will get much better dispersed, it also signifies that you get a chunk of beef with each mouthful of Nikujaga.

Closeup of finished Nikujaga with snap peas, potatoes, carrots, beef and tomatoes.

Components for Nikujaga

There are no challenging-and-quickly guidelines here, and this is a entertaining dish to experiment with, but listed here are some recommendations to get you headed in the correct route.


The most common kind of meat used for Nikujaga is beef, but I’ve also seen it accomplished with pork. The meat is almost always thinly sliced which will help it cook quicker whilst releasing its flavors to intermingle with the other elements. Whichever you make a decision to go with, be sure to choose a more affordable reduce which is not too lean otherwise the meat will stop up dried out. For beef, I like using quick rib or chuck and if it is pork I’ll go with pork stomach or shoulder.

As for other proteins, the time period “niku” refers to crimson meat, so it is technically not nikujaga if you make this with an additional protein such as rooster(torijaga) or tofu(tofujaga). That currently being mentioned, this recipe functions fantastically with both of the above. For hen, I’d use thigh meat minimize into bigger chunks, and if you’re making use of a plant-primarily based protein, you are going to almost certainly want to enhance the volume of soy sauce or add a small salt.

With thinly sliced beef cooked together with potatoes and carrots, Nikujaga (literally "meat and potatoes") is an easy Japanese Stew comes together in under 30 minutes.


As the title indicates, potatoes are an integral part of this dish, and although any potato will do, I like utilizing new potatoes (i.e., freshly dug potatoes), which are inclined to be creamier than the ones that have been cured. It’s purely beauty, but I like to bevel the edges of the potatoes (examine out the movie for how to do it), because provides them a nicer shape, and helps keep them from crumbling as they cook dinner.

The other veggies that get stewed with the meat and potatoes are onions, carrots, and tomatoes, and I like chopping all of these on the large aspect. Much more on the addition of tomatoes later…

Shirataki noodles are not technically a veggie, but they’re a fantastic zero-carb zero-calorie way to include some more material to the stew, A lot more importantly, the noodles have the potential to suck up all the taste of the broth without heading mushy, which is why I adore adding them to my Nikujaga. Just be certain you chop them up a bit so you don’t finish up with a tangled mess on your fingers.

Ultimately, I like to add anything green in the end. Normally, this means snap peas, but snow peas, inexperienced beans, and broccoli are all legit alternatives.


Nikujaga is historically cooked in dashi seasoned with soy sauce, sugar and sake. In that feeling, it is really equivalent to a standard Nimono. For my edition, I have lower out the dashi in favor of cooking this with tomatoes. This substitution not only cuts again on work, but I also like what it does to the taste profile of the dish. The tomatoes release a lot of liquid, and jointly with the soy sauce and sake, they produce plenty of lip-smacking umami. I also like the reality that the tomatoes include a normal sweetness and balancing tang to the stew. Lastly, the use of tomatoes as an alternative of dashi can make it reasonably simple to make this vegan by swapping out the meat for a plant-based protein.

If you want a far more classic model, verify out my original nikujaga recipe right here.

With just a handful of ingredients thrown in a pot and simmered for about 20 minutes, this easy Japanese beef and potato stew is comfort food at it's best.

How to Make Nikujaga

Dependent on how big you reduce the veggies, Nikujaga can just take up to an hour to prepare dinner. That is still noticeably significantly less than a Western beef stew, but it’s also prolonged to make the roster on a weeknight. To address this shortcoming, I have appear up with a shortcut that cuts the cooking time by more than fifty percent, placing this nicely inside of get to as a weeknight option. The trick is to give the potatoes and carrots a head commence by microwaving them for a bit. Considering that almost everything else cooks pretty swiftly, this decreases the simmering time to 20 minutes.

I’ve also cut back again on the sum of effort concerned by cooking this in layers with a drop lid. All you have to do is deliver the sake, soy sauce and sugar to a boil, and then layer in the potatoes, carrots, meat, onions, tomatoes, and shirataki. Cover that with a lid and stir it once in the middle, and by the time your rice is cooked, the Nikujaga will be excellent!

Swift Nikujaga (肉じゃが)


Generate: four servings

Prep Time: five minutes

Cook Time: 25 minutes

Overall Time: thirty minutes


  • 360

    (six modest potatoes, peeled and cut in fifty percent)

  • 170

    (1 large carrot, reduce into huge items)

  • 300

    (sliced thinly)

  • 220

    (1 medium onion, sliced)

  • 240

    (two medium tomatoes, cut into wedges)

  • two hundred

    shirataki noodles
    (drained, rinsed, chopped)

  • one


  • one/four

    soy sauce

  • 1


  • 80

    snap peas
    (sliced in 50 %)


  1. Add the potatoes and carrots to a big microwave-risk-free bowl, include with a lid and microwave at 800 watts for four minutes.

    Carrots and potatoes microwaved in a glass bowl to speed up the cook time for Nikujaga.
  2. Incorporate the sake, soy sauce, and sugar to a pot and provide the mixture to a boil.

    Sake, soy sauce and sugar simmering.
  3. Layer the potatoes, carrots, beef, onions, tomatoes, and shirataki noodles in the pot.

    Layering in the potatoes, carrots, beef, onions, tomatoes and shirataki.
  4. Go over with a drop lid. Turn down the warmth to preserve a gentle simmer.

    Cooking the nikujaga with a drop lid.
  5. Prepare dinner until the greens and meat are tender (about 20 minutes), gently stirring it after at about the ten-moment mark.

    After 10 minutes, give the nikujaga a gentle stir.
  6. Insert the snap peas, cover the pot, and steam them right up until they’re bright environmentally friendly, about yet another moment.

    Add the snap peas to the pot and steam them with a lid to finish the nikujaga.

Nourishment Specifics

Rapid Nikujaga (肉じゃが)

Amount Per Serving

Energy from Unwanted fat 135

% Everyday Worth*

Whole Unwanted fat15g

Saturated Body fat 5g
twenty five%




Overall Carbs32g

Dietary Fiber 5g

Sugars 9g


Vitamin A

Vitamin C
forty four.nine%




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Celebrate A Chinese Pageant in Authentic Hong Kong Type – Eat!

Food stuff has deep which means in Chinese society and is of fantastic importance to the colorful and grandiose festivals celebrated by people today of East Asian descent all around the earth. Each of the big and small holidays throughout the 12 months is intrinsically linked with specific dishes that are vital to eat throughout the celebrations.

Perhaps the most nicely acknowledged of these holiday seasons is Chinese New Year which is celebrated during January or February each individual 12 months depending on the lunar calendar. It can be very noisy at this time of 12 months as anyone who has lived in the vicinity of any East or South East Asian local community understands since of the ample number of firecrackers set off in the course of this time to which are believed to drive absent evil spirits.

Several meals try to eat during the New Year are stated to bring great luck, symbolize togetherence and extended existence and normally should be offered full on the table, this kind of as full fish and hen. Noodles are also take in during New 12 months celebrations and need to be created as long as feasible as they depict a extended and affluent lifetime.

The following massive celebration is the Dragon Boat festival, which marks the time for Dragon Boat races who contributors range from amateurs to expert groups that compete in huge cities all over the environment. The will have to-have delicacy through this pageant is &#39zongzi&#39, a glutinous rice dumpling flavored with distinctive substances dependent on the area custom made ahead of remaining wrapped and cooked in a banana leaf.

The dumpling eating history of this festival revolves about a renowned poet named Qu Yuan. It is claimed he finished his life by leaping into a river because of good sorrow and disillusionment he felt in reaction to the corruption that he saw going on all around him. Just after his death legend states all the villengers threw rice into the river to tempt the river dragons to eat the rice and help you save his spirit from becoming devoured. His sacrifice caused the place to start off a interval of reflection and a extended time period of peace adopted. To commemorate his death, villagers commenced building the rice dumplings or &#39zongzi&#39 during the time of the anniversary of Qu Yuan&#39s sacrifice, which later turned recognized as the Dragon Boat pageant and this is why &#39zongzi&#39 are however ateen to this working day.

Reserving flights and accommodation during either of these major festivals can be challenging thanks to their popularity, but if you can make it out there, the experience is very satisfying. Going to a city like Hong Kong, Beijing, Taipei, or any other towns in the much-east through one particular of these festivals is nicely worth accomplishing as the sights, sounds, meals and mingling with the area persons is certain to deliver an reliable knowledge.


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Asia lodge Makkah

Building paratha


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American Attempts Asian Snacks!

some of these were astounding, others…not so a lot.
i hope you loved this video clip!

my inbound links if you wanna adhere to:
snapchat: amandababyg
instagram: hyphy.amanda
vine: beloved.


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Shrimp Paste Condiment – Coronary heart of Malaysian and Singaporean Cuisine

Condiments are a single of the crucial elements in most Asian food items cooking. In Thailand, people utilizes fish sauce in their dish preparing. In the culinary environment of Malaysia and Singapore, they use shrimp paste condiment in most of their dishes. In simple fact the two countries shared a equivalent historical past in the earlier (Singapore was component of Malaysia, right up until Singapore is divided from Malaysia in the 1960s), therefore culinary worlds from equally countries are fairly much identical. Just one of the heritage food stuff like Nyonya or Peranakan foodstuff is curiously a blend of Chinese and Malay cuisines. Nyonya (or Peranakan ) people are Chinese who have migrated to Malay Archipelago like Malaysia and Singapore centuries back, adopting the Malay culture into their working day to day lifetime, even in the way they cook their meals.

If you happen to walk close to the streets in Malaysia or Singapore, you will possibly stumble on several food restaurants serving dishes that are produced from shrimp paste condiment. In neighborhood language, the condiment is named belacan . The condiment is designed of salty thick shrimp paste that emit unwanted odor that you might uncovered aggravating when uncooked and the odor will basically adhere to your garments if you are uncovered to it when cooking. It is commonly accessible in the sort a smaller sound rectangular block and can be effortlessly discovered in any grocery shops. One particular would have to slice a slim piece from the block to use.

The paste alone would not commonly be made use of in cooking dishes, whilst occasionally the grounded saute paste is getting made use of in the serving of fruit rojak , yet another common fruit salad delicacy in Malaysia and Singapore. Shrimp paste would have to be utilized alongside one another with blended chili paste that is created from the mix of pounded chilies, dried shrimps and Shallots. Combining these ingredients collectively will give you a outstanding spicy style and aroma that almost certainly could not be identified wherever all-around the globe. Of class the solved chili shrimp paste would be called sambal belacan in neighborhood Malay language. The paste would have to be saute less than reduced warmth with minor oil for a several minutes, and then you will have the paste completely ready to be utilized.

Some of the well known dishes that are geared up with shrimp paste, are winged beans dish, mackerel fish stuffed with spicy chili paste, stinky beans and a lot of additional. A further well known fare that is ateen in the early morning like nasi lemak (rice cooked in coconut milk, served with fried anchovies and peanuts with cucumber slices) is also usually served with the chili shrimp paste.


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Tradition Shock Usa! Asian Learners in The united states

Off to research in The usa for the 1st time? Get completely ready for a total new earth! StudentUniverse will help you prevent some tradition shock in the Usa with skilled guidance from our (pretty sincere) workforce associates.

A lot of matters in the US are different from what you might initially assume ahead of departing from shut household in China. Maintain these wise study abroad tips in brain to assistance you combine into a new ecosystem extra very easily. Society shock can basically be very funny, as nicely as hard. Find out to go with the flow, enjoy the ride, and deliver your individual culture to your University working experience in the United states!

Try to remember, if you have not booked your flight to the US, you can conserve tons just by currently being a scholar! Check out out our low cost flights with new offers posted day-to-day:

Like what you see – let us know!
What are some of the things that shocked you when you came to the US? Remark underneath on your most jaw dropping ordeals and share with your fellow environment tourists!

On the lookout for even more data on what to know prior to Flying to the US? Test our Chinese College student Assets right here! Understand major ideas for American phrases, well-liked US holiday seasons, and how to reserve a low cost college student Chinese flight.

Share this good video with your friends and be the first in the know. Hook up with StudentUniverse now!

Follow us on social media:
SINA WEIBO: @StudentUniverse @StudentUniverse英国
WECHAT: StudentUniverse StudentUniverse英国

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—————————–Full TRANSCRIPTION Below—————————-

:00 – 3:28 (Kenneth)
Now we are in this article to get ready you fellas for some society shocks
When you come to the US for the very first time
So greeting here is a lot different than (it is) back again household
In Taiwan, when I very first meet another person
I’ll simply just nod my head or give them a pleasant smile
Below, persons commonly shake your hand and some even provide you a hug
So at 1st, I was pretty shy when individuals do that to me
But now, I just recognized it is just a diverse way for greeting
When folks say “How are you?”, how would you reply in a regular way?
I indicate, it is just a uncomplicated greeting and they just be expecting to listen to from you
“I’m fantastic. What about you?”
So following level we are likely to address is about foods
When it comes to ordering food stuff in The us, remember to try to remember one particular point
Large means Huge
When it comes to foods, a different attention-grabbing position is that
A great deal of American pupils will say “oh I love Chinese food”
Also, the popcorn in this article is salty not sweet
When purchasing cafe foodstuff here, you usually tip
In China, it is in the lifestyle that we don’t truly tip
Every thing is provided in the price
In Boston, it is around like 15%
So for the Chinese stomach, here is your tips
When you arrive to the cooking component
Peppers, incredibly hot peppers..almost everything very easily at an Asian market
Or a Chinese marketplace
Nevertheless the selling prices of individuals merchandise are substantially greater than what they price in China
Nonetheless, when it will come to some American items
Say ice product, it can be much more cost-effective
I witnessed one thing truly bizarre genuinely odd
They like windbreakers as a substitute of umbrellas
So everytime when it rains, you can see
Us citizens will have their hoodie on and just stroll
So when it will come to the courses in universities
In some cases the participation in class can depend as a critical component to your last quality of that class
So be mindful that you undoubtedly require to be a lot more involved in the course
A whole lot of Chinese pupils would like to gown awesome and search rather when they go to courses
A ton of Chinese pupils see that their fellow American classmates put on pajamas and flip-flops to go to morning lessons
So inevitably they will start off dressing far more casually just like their American pals
3:28-7:42 (Li)
American pupils want to occasion all the time on Friday nights
That’s why you can see folks consuming
Or partying on campus
To start with point to check is
It’s unlawful to drink in the US beneath 21
And I also really feel the style of drinking is far too distinctive among the two countries
In China, if Lee is my buddy
And I have a consume with him
We have to finish up a person by a single
If he doesn’t do that
He is half a man
But in the US
It’s far more stress-free
You just consume whenever you want
Just sitting, chatting, chilling
If you have to give a piece of guidance for Chinese college students
What would it be?
I would say that
Unquestionably be extra open and discuss to people today
And really don’t be shy
Just try to make some American pals
A large amount of them are extremely open and joyful to make friends with you


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WHAT I Take in IN A Working day | ASIA Meals Version


ich hoffe euch gefällt das Online video.
Wenn es euch gefallen hat würde ich mich über einen Daumen nach oben freuen.

Eure Patrizia __


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Schaut doch mal auf meinem Site vorbei! 🙂

Company make contact with:


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Markets of the Middle East

North Africa and the Center East have extensive been element of a enormous trade triangle. Because the Center Ages spices, fabrics, trinkets and important metals and stones have been ferried across the Arabian Gulf and Indian Ocean, on to camel trains across the Sahara Desert and to the corners of the trade triangle in which they are customarily bartered for in the marketplaces.

The making of the Suez Canal, the canal that joins the Mediterranean Sea to the Arabian Gulf, guarantees that cargo boats do not need to have to go around the Southern Cape of Africa to achieve the Middle and Far East and South Asia, shows just how significant traditionally the location is as a middle of trade.

From ancient occasions to currently this trade is ensured that the area is renamed for its souks, which serve a amount of needs from providing essential goods to community folks these kinds of as h2o and food, to providing souvenirs for tourist and performing as an integral section of the Arab society.

Numerous Souks and Bazaars also act as enormous outdoor dining places serving affordable traditional food items and drink designed freshly for every single purchaser. The open up areas or Squares of the markets switch into enjoyment nightspots in the night amusing nearby people and readers alike, with a myriad of snake charmers, fortune tellers, musicians, dancers and whirling dervishes despatched into a religious spiritual frenzy.

Some of the most distinguished markets that lie throughout the Arab Empire are stated beneath:

Morocco – Morocco is popular for its classic markets, and none are more revered than the one particular in Marrakech, which has the largest regular souk in the place. The Djemaa el Fna, just one of the busiest markets in Africa is a way of existence for the locals and a supply of amazement for visitors.

The square in which it is held is a hive of action with acrobats, story-tellers, dancers and musicians together with stalls offering trinkets, clothing, h2o, in reality anything at all at all.

At evening food items stalls open up in the square and the souk becomes a occupied open up air restaurant.

The market in Tangiers, a occupied port town in Morocco, sells traditional items as perfectly as imports that have been introduced to the city on cargo boats.

Fez, the town in Morocco that has offered title to the red cylindrical hat that was produced there has an important souk, offering all of the standard essentials and souvenirs such as the well-known hat.

Egypt – The occupied Khan el-Khalili is an antique procuring spot in Cairo. The souk (suq in Arabic) in this article, is one particular of the oldest in Africa dating again to 1382, and residences a quantity of stands and stores in its winding alleyways, quite a few with their possess manufacturing facility or workshop connected.

Turkey – Turkey is renamed for its souks, to which an influx of travellers have unexpectedly flooded in the very last two decades. But in the key historic souk in Istanbul, not far from the Blue Mosque, tradition is nevertheless extremely significantly alive. Listed here affordable phony designer products are changed with standard rugs, trinkets and fabrics.

Arabia – All-around the Gulf of Arabia the most famous bazaars nonetheless lie in Oman&#39s money Muskat and Syria. Dubai, though booming, is now more well-known for gold and electronics than regular Arabic products.

Ethiopia and Sudan – Although these locations are much more portion of East Africa than the predominately Arabesque North Africa, Sudan and Ethiopia however deserve a mention, both continue to readily heavier on their markets, which are continue to a way of daily life. These are the locations to witness 1 of the elusive (to Western eyes) whirling dervishes.


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