Do's and Don'ts – Chinese Culture

Do's and Don'ts – Chinese Culture

Chinese people may be changing fast, however they are still highly traditional and very particular about their cultural values. Paying respect to their local customs will make your stay pleasant. Here are a few tips to assist you in avoiding any cultural faux pas.


o Always remove your shoe before entering a Chinese temple or home.
o Greeting the eldest person in a family first is considered as sign of respect and good values ​​in China.
o A nod or a wave of hand is generally taken as a greeting especially from a distance.
o Touching someone's head is considered sacred.
o Never point a finger towards someone. Pointing someone with a finger is considered bad. Such gesture is used for pointing at dogs.
o If presenting a gift to a Chinese person, present it with your both of your hands. This constitutes that you are offering with good intentions.
o Whole-heartedly thank a person if he or she gives you a gift. Then keep the gift aside to open later.
o Be calm while dealing with officials especially during tense situations. Getting hyper or raising your voice will create an ugly and unhealthy situation for all.
o Eat whatever you are offered by your host. Refusing is considered rude.
o Keep your glass below that of the eldest person in a group while toasting. The glass of the eldest person is always held high.
o While having tea with a companion, always fill up his or her tea cup whenever it goes empty especially if your companion is older or a female.
o Chinese believe that it is bad luck to leave even a single grain behind in a bowl. So, better finish all of the rice in your bowl.
o Show your interest towards NBA Basket Ball as Chinese people love it.
o Always be punctual when meeting Chinese people. Punctuality rea respect for others.


o In China, exam papers are not corrected in red ink since it's used for letters of protest. However, anything else can be written with red ink.
o Do not leave your chopsticks in a standing position in your bowl and do not tap your bowl with them.
o Shaking feet is a sign of bad luck in China.
o Clocks are the best options for gifts to Chinese people.
o Do not date multiple people at one time. Dating one person at a time is considered good in china. Chinese people look forward to commitment and long-term relationships in dating. Going for a walk or dinner on a date is acceptable.
o Do not get offended if you are asked about your marital status. However, if you are single and over 30, say yes unless you feel pity for yourself.
o Wear those t-shirts that speak about good about China unless you want to grab lot of attention.
o When dubious about something, follow the proverb: watch Chinese people and do what they do.

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these saucy vegan dan dan noodles will get you seriously rethinking chinese take out. And you can customize your fortune cookies with homemade fortunes to tell your sweetie you 💚 them or that there’s a pile of dishes waiting for them 😉

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The Top Ten International Spa Destinations

The Top Ten International Spa Destinations

When you think of a spa vacation, do you imagine being pampered to perfection or pounded into shape? Are you more intrigued by the idea of ​​an ocean-side hot stone massage or a ten-mile hike in the mountains?

The best spa vacations can offer the opportunity to rejuvenate weary minds, bodies and spirits in luxurious surroundings or physically challenging agendas in sparse accommodations. Spend the hours in meaningful meditation or learning Yoga. Or pass the time following a regimented schedule filled with body-toning endurance activities.

There have never been more tempting options in spa vacations and in some of the most exotic locations around the world. When a spa is the destination, the choice is yours.



More and more couples and honeymooners are choosing to either begin or renew their relationships at destination spas around the world. For unparalleled privacy and a world class romantic retreat, the Six Senses consistently ranks as one of the best. Bath Spa Rituals with names such as Heart Chakra Milk Spa and Romantic Petals may put you in moon to tie the knot with a Hideaway Wedding, another specialty of the resort. Reach the spa by driving or flying a shuttle from the Bangkok International Airport.


CANYON RANCH, Tucson, Arizona, USA

Since 1979, the Canyon Ranch has been an encouraging source of change for those seeking a healthier way of living. Their gentle but effective motto inspires participants with "The Power of Possibilities." Fitness director Katherine Brumfield prefers the term "lifestyle change" over "diet" at the resort and spa. Healthy gourmet meals have replaced the meager servings of lettuce and fruit that were once common at weight-loss spas. Daily walks, lectures and an expert team of physicians and nutritionists guide the path. The stunning backdrop of the painted desert mountains more than eases the transition.



Serious Yoga practitioners are returning year after year to renew the body and spirit at this adults only, five-star spa in the hills of Costa Rica. Sunrise and sunset Yoga classes, a Yoga immersion program and exceptional spa treatments in one of the most tranquil settings on earth make for a completely rejuvenating experience. Guests rave about the all-natural Yoga cuisine and complementary fruit smoothies. Should you decide to explore the island you'll find lots to do nearby in the small village of Tamarindo. For a change of pace there's a vibrant nightlife, sports fishing and a beautiful beach at Playa Avellanas. Fly into the Liberia Airport where a representative will greet you and drive you to the resort.



The spa experience comes full circle by combining luxury and adventure on a breathtaking island off Rio de Janeiro. The week long program maintains a focus on spiritual renewal while challenging you physically with sea kayaking, snorkeling and hiking. One guest summarized their week at the resort as "Indiana Jones and the Spa Break." Arrive in paradise via the Rio International airport where you will be met at the gate and privately transported to the lodge.



Pure heaven for the uncompromising sportsman may very well be found here at the Westin. The best spa in Scotland happens to be the site of two championship golf courses, archery, horseback riding and mountain biking. The award-winning spa offers the choice of a fast-paced fitness studio or the serenity of hydrotherapy, reflexology and holistic body care treatments. Why not indulge in both while viewing its magnificent stretch of the Atlantic coastline? Glasgow International and Glasgow Prestwick airports are within an hour's drive and Edinburgh International airport is under two hours away.


DAINTREE ECO-LODGE & SPA, Daintree Rainforest, Queensland, Australia

The Daintree may be about as green as it gets for the ecologically-minded spa traveler. Massages and therapies inspired by Aboriginal traditions are administered in the lush natural surroundings of a rainforest. You'll discover secluded pristine waterfalls and dine on contemporary Australian cuisine with a native twist. Each of the 15 well-appointed villas surprisingly offers all the amenities you'd expect of a more urban location. The lodge is a scenic 90-minute drive north of the Cairns International Airport.



Many of the great destination spas are family friendly but few can compare with this Italian oasis. Parents tour the expansive wine cellar or soak in thermal healing waters while children are entertained at the popular Kid's Club or Teen Lounge. Even the fussiest kids will love the workshops, barbeques, movies and water games designed especially for them. The whole family can spend time together horseback riding in the Orcia Valley, mountain biking or dining poolside on authentic Tuscan cuisine. Arrive by air through Perugia, Florence or Rome.


AMANSALA, Tulum, Mexico

Amansala makes the list for its acclaimed Bikini Boot Camp in an "eco-chic" environment. Forget the fancy amenities and plush accommodations; There are no televisions in the rustic-but-stylish cabanas. The Amansala philosophy is to get you into shape with beach or jungle power walking, body sculpting and power ab sessions. For any "downtime" there's meditation, Mayan Clay spa treatments and plenty of sunshine. Tulum is located about two hours south of Cancun near the historic Mayan ruins.


GRAIL SPRINGS, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Among the best spa destinations in health and wellness is Grail Springs. Guests are introduced to the Grail Holistic Lifestyle as a healthier way of living and a path to longevity. They offer a comprehensive menu of health boosting tonics, organic meals and anti-aging treatments. Evening lectures, life coaches and meditation classes are a treat for the mind and soul. Yoga, Pilates and cardio-strengthening workouts are a part of the daily activities through individually customized plans. The Feng Shui certified interior is filled with antique tapestries stone fireplaces, making this castle-like spa destination the perfect retreat.



Experience incomparable six-star luxury and immerse yourself in the rich culture of the Middle East at this architectural masterpiece. The tiny Arabian Gulf island is a cultural fusion of ancient Greek, Portuguese and Arabic influence with an old-world charm, reminiscent of the fabled 'Arabian Nights'. This is the visually stunning resort where true spa connoisseurs live like royalty, if only for a few days. The Bahrain International Airport is only thirty minutes away.

Source by Shelley Cantrelle

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South Park – You're Not Yelping – "The Yelper Special"

Boogers and Cum! The Yelp food critics get their own special song in this week’s new episode. Watch it for free here:


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SciFi in Ag: Chatbot With Your Plants?

SciFi in Ag: Chatbot With Your Plants?

Precision farming is about managing variations in the field accurately, to grow more food using fewer resources and by reducing production costs. It can make a difference in food production, facing the challenge of a growing world population, and can help farmers achieve: greater sustainability, environmental protection, higher productivity, and economic benefits.

What is happening in the industry?

Highest adoption rates of precision farming are seen in the United States, Germany, Australia, and Brazil, while Asia-Pacific is expected to show record high rates of adoption in the forecast period. With the governments of various countries providing subsidies to farmers for the use in their cultivation, the adoption rates are expected to increase in the other regions as well. Various technologies dominating the market are GNSS/GPS Systems, GIS, Remote Sensing and VRT, where VRT is the fastest growing segment with a robust CAGR of 16% during the forecast period.

AGCO Corporation acquired Cimbria, a Dutch equipment supplier of grain, seed, and powders. The acquisition of Cimbria will help expand and strengthen their business geographically in Denmark. The company also offers mobile tools that offer access to large data and information related to crop, which further improves farming. John Deere acquired Monsanto’s Precision Planting. This acquisition will help the company maximize digital agriculture and helps in seamless collection of infield agronomics data.

Precision Farming – Market Dynamics

Less availability of productive land, constant change in climatic conditions, and the strict regulatory framework have led to increasing demand for a more effective and efficient agricultural sector. With the advent and implementation of modern technologies, management of the agricultural land becomes more competent. For example, automation technology, sensors, geo-mapping, and big data analysis tools help evaluate climate and soil data, which increases the overall efficiency of agriculture.

Innovation and technology have led to major developments in various sectors, and agriculture is one of them. Sensing technologies, software applications, communication systems, data analytics solutions, and positioning technologies are some of the latest technologies used. Various technologies, like driverless machinery and drone crop dusters, provide vital opportunities for the growth.

In 2016, North America dominated the precision farming market with a share of about 50%. The United States and Canada dominate the market share in this region. Large-scale farmlands, ever-existing need to increase yield, and high labor costs will drive the market in the region. The farmers are highly skilled and willing to embrace new technologies. However, most of the agriculture farms and farmers rely heavily on exports to sustain revenues and prices, which may change the market dynamics in the near future. Asia-Pacific has been identified as a region that is yet to reach its maximum potential in this domain.

Will global precision farming show an unprecedented upward growth trend till 2022?

According to a report by a market intelligence firm, the global precision farming market is estimated to reach a value of USD 5.98 billion by 2022, recording a CAGR of 12.97% during 2017-22. In the past 10 years, precision farming has moved from good science to good practice and has witnessed unprecedented growth around the globe. 70 to 80% of the new farm equipment sold today, incorporates some form of precision farming component. Asia-Pacific is expected to be the fastest growing market with a CAGR of about 21% during 2017-2022. The major factor stimulating market growth in Asia-Pacific is augmented yield and profitability, which is pushing farmers toward crop monitoring technology. Australia holds the major share of the market in this region.

Competition Analysis

This market report includes competitive vendor landscaping of 17 companies involved in the precision farming industry, including big players, like AGCO Corporation, Ag Leader Technology, Monsanto, Deere & Company, and Lindsay. The market of is fairly fragmented with the presence of several local and regional players. The market of precision farming is still an emerging market, however, brand loyalty in certain segments is reportedly good. Farm machinery and service support are the two major segments that have brand loyalty.

Source by Rohith Sampathi

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Shanghai Marriage Market With Boyfriend + Best Chinese Food We've Ever Tasted!


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廣東話片 Videos in Cantonese ►
有中文字幕的片 With Chinese Subtitles ►


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International Joint Venture Do’s and Don’ts

International Joint Venture Do’s and Don’ts

International joint venture agreements may have been the key solution to hastening the process of economic growth of third world countries, especially to small sized to medium sized businesses. It has been evident that Giant Corporate powers have been providing new business opportunities and access to new technology to third world companies, furthering business growth and development, and economic success in general.

Enter Globalization and its incorporated policies to the economic systems of the third world – boosting the growth of local companies. Further to the partnership between giant corporations to small local businesses in the third world, there has been numerous issues which were not shown by the mass media to third world societies. As social and environmental claims – “oftentimes, the stakeholders are the ones suffering from the wealth gained by the partner companies.”

A good example of this would be in the industry of agriculture. Since the 1960’s, during the time of the green revolution, Trans national corporations have been making efforts to increase the productivity and efficiency of food production to its partner companies in the third world. In Asia for example, the method of production of rice, corn, and other similar crops, have been continuously innovated to increase its efficiency. Technologies developed in the west are transferred to the local soil of the business partner, experimented, legislated and then implemented.

To give you a concrete example of this, let’s take a look at the technology of Genetic Engineering, in food production, this is called GMO or Genetically Modified Organisms. The traditional method of corn production of South East Asian countries was altered in the span of a few decades from organic farming to the use of pesticide to the currently applied GMO. This variety of corn is called the BT Corn or the Bacillus Turengensis. Designed to eliminate the use of pesticide, the corn’s genetic set up was altered to protect itself from predators in the field such as corn borer.

This technology transfer increased the efficiency of traditional farming methods of the local business partner, increased its revenues, enabled them to practice novel and effective farming, etc. However, the environmental impacts, adverse effects to human health, disruption of ecological balance, etc. is inevitable, as environmental groups claim. As one writer puts it, “the good parts of technology cannot be eliminated from its bad parts.”

Source by Rivers Corbett

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SIZZLING Hotpot, Soup Dumplings & SPICY Noodles: Bay Area Food Tour!

This is my last food video while still living in the Bay Area. I had some amazing Sizzling Hotpot, Soup Dumplings, steam dumplings and of course Noodles.

The restaurants:

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Get tickets to the best show on earth!!!


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Discovering New Foods and Recipes for Your Weight Reduction Program

Discovering New Foods and Recipes for Your Weight Reduction Program

Use Low Glycemic Food to Create New Taste Sensations!

Traditionally, being on a weight reduction program meant limiting or even eliminating many of the foods that we have come accustomed to and alternatives offered by most other fad diets or programs were uninteresting, bland and boring. Times have changed.

Eating low to medium glycemic foods to lose weight is not a fad. It's good common sense and for the most part, can provide you with most of the nutrition you will ever need. It's a matter of mindset. After reviewing the list of foods in these categories, one can't be disappointed about the variety of food choices available.

Over the past 7 weeks I have personally been involved in the Perfect Body Shape Program / Low Glycemic Awareness Program and have literally found dozens of new tasty meal combinations that not only taste terrific but have also contributed to weight loss of over 15 pounds and a loss of over 20 inches in a select group of body measurements. Most of all, I am rarely 'really hungry' as the program calls for 6 eating intervals a day rather than 2 or 3. In fact, when I first started the program I had a difficult time fitting in all 6. If my schedule is hectic, I make sure that I have plenty of appropriate grazing food to keep me going without any guilt of breaching the diet.

Although I have had to cut out many of the foods that I previously consumed, I feel that I have more than made up for that inconvenience by borrowing some great recipes available from all over the net, or, discovering my own.

Here are a few examples of my own experiments:

Smoked fish (trout, salmon and even sturgeon) sliced ​​on small pieces of flatbread or rye crisp bread with hummus. Add a fresh vegetable or sundried tomato if you like.

Spaghetti Squash with ground chicken or turkey (instead of pork or beef) mixed in garlic / olive oil / sundried tomato sauce. I cook the squash on the BBQ and add a little seasoning (no brown sugar!)

Cedar Board Salmon on the BBQ (an absolute taste sensation!) With wild / brown rice and garden vegetables like chard or green beans.

Soy beverage shakes with fruit (strawberries, blueberries and red currents are my favorites so far) with a low glycemic meal replacement powder mix.

Chicken or Turkey pepperoni for snacking purposes (especially when you are on-the-go and get to table).

Roasted almonds soaked in water. This provides a slightly different texture and taste as well as making the nuts easier on the teeth to chew.

Sweet Potatoes or Yams – not everyday but a great alternative to traditional potatoes.

Egg Salad wraps with Hummus and a sprinkle of shredded parmesan or asiago cheese. Easy on the mayo.

As you can see, the choices are only limited to your imagination. Keep in mind that all meats are low glycemic but be aware of the fat content in some meats as they can add unwanted calories. Trim the fat off of beef or pork. Remove the skin from chicken or turkey (prior to cooking if possible). Processed meats should also be limited as they usually have a high fat content, may contain many additives that are not on the low glycemic index (like bread crumbs) or are high in sodium (salt).

So if you are thinking of getting on a healthy and effective weight reduction program that you can follow indefinitely, check out the Perfect Body Shape – Low Glycemic Awareness Program [ html]. They have the best Glycemic Index (GI) chart available as well as the benefits of a certified coach, resources and other great recipes.

Source by Dave Ouellette

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How to Eat Cheap in Las Vegas for Under $10

How to Eat Cheap in Las Vegas for Under $10

Believe it or not, you can get a ton of food for under $10 at Las Vegas casino restaurants. Here’s where to go for cheap eats in 2017. ▻ MORE ALL YOU CAN …


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